"Why then the world's mine oyster, which I with sword will open."


NOTD: My Favourite Polish Combo with Zoya and Essie

There’s nothing quite like a neutral with a touch of sparkle and a pop of colour. This combination works great for outfits, but I love it on my nails, too!


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NOTD: Searching for my Perfect Pink Polish

I have been searching for the perfect natural pink polish, but somehow I always end up with the wrong colour. Every shade I try always turns out being too bright, too dark, too sheer… and what irks me most of all, too cool for my skin tone. I always inevitably end up choosing the exact shade of pink to give me Pepto-Bismol nails. Lovely.

I thought I had finally found the perfect shade of natural pink for my skin tone. By natural, I meant pink enough to be opaque and visibly pink, but not overwhelmingly eye-catching. It also had to be a warm pink in order to suit my warm skin tone, as cool pinks look much too harsh and unflattering on my nails.


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