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Wish-worthy: A nice curling iron?

My hair has always been thin and straight, and I’m a girl who’s not altogether that adventurous. Nor do I adapt to change very well. So on those bad hair days when I wake up and my hair isn’t straight, it reaaaaaaally bothers me (the reason for my dependence on Sunsilk’s Straighten-Up 24/7 Creme back when I couldn’t afford anything more expensive).

I had always wanted a straightener of my own – for those bad hair days, and for the days when I want my hair to look extra sleek and straight. I’d mentioned this in passing to Dark when we first started dating – lo and behold, I got a Solia flat iron (he did his research well!) as my first Christmas present from him, which took me completely by surprise!

I never expected him to get me something useful that I actually loved. Past boyfriends had always gotten me things I liked, but didn’t really need. And when you get a stuffed animal for every occasion… well. You catch my drift.

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