"Why then the world's mine oyster, which I with sword will open."


Beauty Lesson: One Step at a Time


Trying new things? It might be better if you take baby steps and try one thing at a time.

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“Easter dinner” with my roomie

As my roommate and I were the only ones left in the house over Easter weekend, we decided to have dinner together last night, as we hadn’t done so in a while. It really wasn’t an impressive spread, though – no turkey or fancy dishes. Our parents had dropped in for a visit so they had brought us homemade, pre-cooked food. All we had to do was heat it up and make some vegetables to go with it all.

It was pretty typical Chinese fare: pan-fried salmon fillets and brewed beef brisket and turnip (it tastes much better than my clumsy translation implies), courtesy of my wonderful mother; homemade barbeque pork made by his father; and we stir-fried bok choi and mushroom to go with it all. Yes, the pink chopsticks are mine 😛

It just didn’t feel quite like an “Easter dinner”, though, so I figured dessert would be the perfect way to round i off! And what better dessert than warm freshly-baked brownies?

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FOTD and NOTD: trying out a look for my presentation

Short post today: the makeup I tried out for dinner over the weekend in order to see if it’ll work for my presentation. I’ve never done these types of posts, but I think the pictures will speak for themselves.

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Mishmash of tidbits

So many little things I want to talk about – here’s a mishmash of some of my favourite blogging topics all in one post.

1. Art on MS Paint

I’ve been working on my poster presentation, and I prefer having diagrams and images on all of my powerpoint presentations rather than blocks of text. I’ve always hated siting in lecture where the prof reads off slides filled with rows and rows of text. Why bother lecturing? I could just read it on my own – don’t waste my time and put me to sleep.

Here’s one of the diagrams I drew on Microsoft Paint – pixel by pixel. No tablet, no PhotoShop. Time consuming, but oh-so-satisfying, because it is completely personalized for me, by me.

Wow, the resolution is terrible as a jpeg. It looks so much nicer as an original Paint bmp, but WordPress won’t let me upload bmp files 😦

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Sashimi party: Homemade sushi

I know that I just did a food post yesterday – but this was such a fun dinner that I couldn’t resist 🙂 Also, I  made a very satisfying haul today, but I can’t show you everything because a lot of the items I got are for my upcoming beauty swap and I want it to be a surprise for blissno9! So here’s some of the yummies we made today, instead.

Dark’s friend invited us to his place for a sashimi party – we were going to make our own sushi from scratch. There had been a market deal to get 50% off fresh fish fillets. They got 8 lbs of sashimi-grade salmon for $25 CAD! That’s less than I pay for one dinner meal of all-you-can-eat sushi!

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Baked Yummies: Blueberry lemon cookies

This was from Kristen’s recipes on Baker Bettie, where she was making cookies to replace muffins because she actually doesn’t like muffins! I have no objections here, because it came out to delicious cookies. Since I can’t boast about my food photography skills, here’s the picture from Baker Bettie that made me want to try making them for myself:

Incidentally, her recipe for soft and fluffy blueberry lemon cookies was Freshly Pressed. Here is her recipe directly:

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Homemade Yummies: Poutine

Actually, before I get started, I’m not sure if everyone even knows what poutine is. I know it’s a Canadian food – I’m not sure I’ve ever seen it in say… Asia. However, given that the last time I was there was about 8 years ago, my knowledge base is pretty unreliable. I hope everyone’s had a chance to have it though, because it is absolutely delicious and mouth-watering and addictive and tasty and wonderful and…


A poutine is fries topped with fresh cheese curds and gravy. It originated in Quebec, and there have been variations as to the toppings – usually meat. I prefer my poutines with just cheese and gravy, though. New York Fries is probably the best known poutine franchise. Despite its name, it is a Canadian company.

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Mini-haul and Applebee’s

Picked up some goodies from the MAC counter in The Bay and from the cosmetics section in Walmart. This is my first in-store MAC purchase that’s actually for me. I’ve went into MAC stores before (usually with my MAC-obsessed friends – I’m looking at you, angelandthings) mostly to just look around. The things I buy are usually gifts for friends. But this time was just for me 🙂

From left to right:

  1. Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter in 060 Gumdrop
  2. MAC Paint in Bare Canvas sample
  3. MAC Fluidline in Added Goodness

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Friday Yummies: Sushi Queen Izakaya

Dark and I tried a new restaurant Saturday night: Sushi Queen Izakaya on Bay Street and Elm. The ambiance was pretty nice – it was surprisingly so, actually. From the outside, it really didn’t look like much but a typical tiny Japanese restaurant in the corner location, but inside it was surprisingly roomy. The lighting was quite dim – enough to give off an air of romance or fine dining, but to be honest, too dark for me to read the menu. But that’s okay, Dark usually takes care of ordering 😛

We ordered from the Izakaya menu, which was not the typical all-you-can-eat fare, nor even the usual sushi. If you’ve ever been to Guu Izakaya, this is similar in terms of unique dishes. I like the environment at Sushi Queen much better, though – quiet and cozy as opposed to loud and crowded. The food here is cheaper, too, and just as unique. They do have a regular menu though, with all your regular miso soups, sushi, tempura, rolls, and whatnot.

I took pictures with my phone, but the quality isn’t spectacular since it was so dark in the restaurant, I had to use flash to even get a photo at all. So here’s what we got:

Bacon Wrapped Scallop (special menu): I can’t remember the price of this. But yum! Bacon? Scallops? Doesn’t get any better, ever. Of course, we polished off the (single piece of) lettuce and the (baby’s mouthful worth) of alfalfa. Mmm bacon juice.

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Strawberry ice cream cake and an old Ranma 1/2 drawing

I can barely recall the last time I had been to my friend Ian’s home. I remember an apartment with a balcony, I think. I remember a lot of the boys huddled around the TV playing some console (but that’s pretty typical at any get-together of ours). I don’t remember the layout too well, nor even how many of us were there. What I do remember that his mom made us food. And it was very, very good. I am 110% sure I kept eating even after I was full to bursting, just because it tasted so good.

So I had always known Ian’s mom was a great cook. But today he put up a picture on Facebook of an ice cream cake his mother had made for the first time, from scratch. I was duly impressed by the creativity and presentation and I really wanted to share it:

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