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Win a Benefit Cosmetics gift set from Topbox!

I’ve been talking about these contests as being for Canadians, but in all honesty, I have no idea if it is open internationally. I just assumed it was for Canadian residents because Topbox is a Canadian company. Nevertheless, it wouldn’t hurt to try, right?

Contest ends May 1st!

Please enter as my referral, if you like!


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Win stila from Topbox

Fellow Canadian beauty addicts, Topbox is hosting another contest, ending April 18th:

Entering is via Facebook – if you’d like, please enter as my referral ūüôā

Best of luck to all of you, and hope that one of us wins and can share the love by blogging about it!

8 Comments Win a MUFE eye shadow palette

Canadian Beauties: here’s a chance to win a MUFE palette from Topbox!

I have linked the above image as my referral ūüôā Hope you enter and best of luck to you all!

There’s also a MUFE event at Yorkdale this Saturday:

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GWP’s at Sephora and The Bay

Unlike many, I did not get out of bed this morning for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. What got me out of bed was seeing an email from Sephora indicating that there was an exclusive VIB Bare¬† Escentuals gift with a purchase of $25 CAD at Sephora. It was a beautiful day with beautiful weather, putting me in good spirits for a trip to the mall!

I had only intended to spend the $25 in order to get my GWP. I picked up Fairy Drops’ Scandal Queen mascara, which I’d heard great things about and have wanted for a while. On my way out, I passed by Buxom and checked out their cream shadows. My eyes got to wandering and settled on Buxom’s lash Mascara (one of my favourites!), and the available value sets – which inevitably led to…

Left to right:

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More ALDO boots and coupon codes

Remember when I was lamenting over these boots and how I’d refused to pay $170 CAD for them?

Stingle in black leather

Well, these black leather boots are sold out for sure, but yesterday afternoon I lucked out while I was aimlessly browsing ALDO online. They had the dark brown ones on sale for $119.98 CAD! I ordered them before I could re-think it. Which was a good thing, because I just checked now and they’re out of the dark brown. They still have the black suede ones for $59.99 and a light brown for $74.99 – neither in my size though.

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LUSH haul, NARS sample, and… I need fashion advice!

I am a LUSH virgin. Ever since I first came across this store way back in grade school, I’ve always had an aversion to it. The intermingling smells were overwhelming, and all the slabs of soap in the windows looked like… food. Or rather, mouldy cake. Learning that everything was freshly handmade with no preservatives made my presumptions worse – if the stuff is made out of food, doesn’t that mean it will mould even faster?

Inspired by angelandthings‘ review on Buffy, I decided to check out the LUSH website for myself. I’ll admit, some of their stuff was intriguing. In particular, the fresh face masks had me lusting to get my hands on them, especially since I have sensitive skin and their products claim to be good for sensitivity, due to their lack of preservatives.

LUSH haul #1:

Top to bottom:

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Wish-worthy: A nice curling iron?

My hair has always been thin and straight, and I’m a girl who’s not altogether that adventurous. Nor do I adapt to change very well. So on those bad hair days when I wake up and my hair isn’t straight, it reaaaaaaally bothers me (the reason for my dependence on Sunsilk’s Straighten-Up 24/7 Creme back when I couldn’t afford anything more expensive).

I had always wanted a straightener of my own – for those bad hair days, and for the days when I want my hair to look extra sleek and straight. I’d mentioned this in passing to Dark when we first started dating – lo and behold, I got a Solia flat iron (he did his research well!) as my first Christmas present from him, which took me completely by surprise!

I never expected him to get me something useful that I actually loved. Past boyfriends had always gotten me things I liked, but didn’t really need. And when you get a stuffed animal for every occasion… well. You catch my drift.

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My newest obsession augments my current one: All about the “Canadian Birchboxes”



So we have established that I have ridiculous impulses to buy and try lots of products. I have now found monthly boxes of goodies that serve only to augment my shopping obsession.

Recently, I learned of the existence of Birchbox, a company that sends you 4-5 deluxe beauty samples every month for $10 USD, free shipping included. This was exciting, as I love deluxe samples (they’re in such cute little packaging!) because it lets you try enough of a product without committing to a full-sized (and full-priced) product. But like most good things in North America, they only ship within the US. So off I went, seeing if there are any Canadian versions of Birchbox.

After digging around, I found 4 “Canadian Birchboxes”:


…and then I proceeded to dissect each one. Be forewarned: this is going to be lengthy.

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Wish-worthy? Essie base coat

Normally, I don’t like painting my nails. It’s not that it’s not aesthetically pleasing, just that I like my nails to be a certain length and a certain shape before I paint them. I hate the way my nails look with polish if they’re not long enough, since I don’t have naturally slim, oval-shaped nails without growing them out. It takes time and effort to grow out my nails and shape them accordingly, so I just end up trimming them regularly and skipping the polish. Besides, long nails get in the way and slow down my typing and interfere with taking notes. And they look icky without polish or proper shaping.

Every so often, I would go on a nail polish rampage and paint my nails constantly for a couple of weeks. I’m constantly re-applying polish because¬†I hate the old nail polish look. You know what I’m talking about, where all that’s left of your polish is an unsightly irregular patch in the center of each nail. Drives me crazy – I have to either mend the chipped polish or to take it off completely.¬†Or sometimes I just want to wear another colour. This happens consistently until my nails start to protest by breaking off from the side, or splitting into thinner layers. When that happens, I would remove my polish, trim my nails back down, wait for the split parts to grow out, and forget about polishes again for another few weeks. Or months, usually. And my nails are consistently weak until almost the entire nail has been regrown.

I leave my nails alone, mostly. I don’t use growth enhancers or any special moisturizers or treatments. I usually enjoy seeing the luminescence of the natural reflection off healthy nails. But it is lovely to glam up once in a while with beautiful polish.

The last time I went through a slew of nail polish, I noticed that my nails were slightly yellow. It turns out my nails were being stained by my nail polish. I have never used a base coat before. So I’ve been looking into getting a quality base coat for when I get the urge to paint my nails relentlessly. I’m considering trying Essie’s base coats, but I’m clueless as to which I should be using, as I don’t really know how to classify my own nails. Why are there so many options? And this is only one brand we’re talking about, here!

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