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Wish-worthy: A nice curling iron?

My hair has always been thin and straight, and I’m a girl who’s not altogether that adventurous. Nor do I adapt to change very well. So on those bad hair days when I wake up and my hair isn’t straight, it reaaaaaaally bothers me (the reason for my dependence on Sunsilk’s Straighten-Up 24/7 Creme back when I couldn’t afford anything more expensive).

I had always wanted a straightener of my own – for those bad hair days, and for the days when I want my hair to look extra sleek and straight. I’d mentioned this in passing to Dark when we first started dating – lo and behold, I got a Solia flat iron (he did his research well!) as my first Christmas present from him, which took me completely by surprise!

I never expected him to get me something useful that I actually loved. Past boyfriends had always gotten me things I liked, but didn’t really need. And when you get a stuffed animal for every occasion… well. You catch my drift.

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Sunsilk Straighten-up 24/7 Creme Review

Looking for some quick help on those bad hair days? Sunsilk’s Straighten-up 24-7 Creme has done the job for me, yet I find that most of my friends know nothing about it. Which is a shame because I really think it does the job. And I’m pretty sure I bought it in a drugstore for only about $5 CDN. Don’t quote me though, it’s been a long time.

I actually bought this bottle at least 5-6 years ago… and it’s still more than half-full. Not for lack of usefulness, just that I don’t tend to get up with bad hair days all that often. That being said, sometimes I look in the mirror and find my hair in waves contouring one side of my neck (I tend to sleep on my side). I also hate getting up early, so I seldom have the time to pull out my straightener.

The beauty of this product is that it straightens waves in your hair quite naturally. You will not achieve the flat-iron look, but if your hair is naturally straight, this will help draw your hair back down. You only need a pea-sized amount, give or take some depending on the length of your hair.

The product has a light tinge of purple with a thick, creamy consistency. I usually wet my other hand with a bit of water to water down the creme before smoothing it through my hair with my fingers. The effect is pretty immediate and it takes no time at all for gravity to help it along.

The best thing is that it smells great! It has a shampoo-like smell, without being overly unbearing, especially after you’ve watered it down. Plus, no heat-damage from the straightener ­čÖé

I believe that Sunsilk has changed the packaging for this product, but I’m not sure if the formula has been changed along with it. Nevertheless, I think it’s worth checking out!

Here is the new bottle. (Source:

Disclaimer: I purchased this product myself  and this review is based on personal experiences and my honest opinion. Please be aware that my preferences may not work for you, and to look for other reviews for comparison before you decide to try a product.