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More Valentine surprises: Best Buy delivers! (plus more drawings)

For those of you who are not technologically-savvy, or at least not a dedicated gamer, today was the release date for the PlayStation Vita First Edition Bundle. The Vita is the newest handheld portable PlayStation device and features a large touchscreen as well as a touch-sensitive backing for more gaming features. The PS Vita on its own is not released until February 22nd, so those who want the bundle will have their hands on the gadget a week early.

I had pre-ordered the Vita from Best Buy for Dark as a Valentine’s Day present. I had it timed perfectly – if the release date were the 15th, and it took about 6-12 business days to ship, then he would get it in a week or two, well past his busy exam schedule.When Dark had pre-ordered the new Zelda game, Skyward Sword, he had been frustrated when he still hadn’t received it almost a week after the release date. He ranted and raged about how he should’ve just bought it in store. In the end, he cancelled the online pre-order and went to purchase the game in person. Little did I know that Best Buy would be so on-the-ball. I received a shipping notification email yesterday, but surprisingly, the Vita arrived today – right on the release date!

Included in the PS Vita First Edition Bundle are:  Continue reading