"Why then the world's mine oyster, which I with sword will open."


I won something?! LUSH Celestial Facial Moisturizer from Gummy Vision

I am not a person who can rely on luck. Don’t get me wrong, I am lucky to be surrounded by a wonderful family and people I love. But I am never lucky when it comes to games of chance. I don’t win contests, draws, or lotteries – it’s almost as if the odds are always tipped against me, no matter how you calculate the actual probability.

Imagine my surprise when I got a message from Gummy Vision that I had won something from her 2013 Holiday Giveaway!


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After a long absence

I'm back

I know it’s been over a year since I last posted and I feel I need to explain myself. The major reason behind my absence was several conflicts I had, which are somewhat resolved – at least for the present. During my absence, I continued to read blogs, but I kept a low profile. I never stopped enjoying what I read and I missed the blogging community. I’m really excited about a recent haul, and that has given the final push for me to come back to the blogosphere.

A little background on what has happened in the interim:

  1. I am no longer subscribed to any beauty boxes.
  2. I have moved back home, where it is impossible to find good lighting to take pictures. This was another reason why I stopped blogging – none of the pictures were true to colour and my room is darker as a windowless room. Incandescent desk lamps do not do justice to most of the things I want to take pictures of.
  3. I have gained a few pounds since moving back home, where my parents insisted I look too skinny and frail. I now have less control over what I eat. *shakes fist*
  4. I highlighted my hair red, the highlights have faded bronze and grown out, and I’ve grown out my bangs.
  5. I still love shopping, as much as I ever did.
  6. I love the new Pokemon X game. You can go shopping for outfits for yourself. How awesome is that?

So, my first order of business is to update some of my posts – it seems that the world has changed drastically over the past year. Then I can get started on that haul post. I can’t wait!

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That awkward moment after you haven’t seen each other in too long

Like when you run into an old acquaintance at the grocery store after work, frazzled from a long day, trying to rush so that you could get home and prepare dinner while thinking about the forty other deadlines clamouring for your attention. You distractedly try to carry on a conversation, while being painfully aware how obvious it is that you’re not quite sure how to conduct yourself after such a long separation.

That is how I feel about blogging right now. And how I have been feeling about it for a while. So now the question is: how do I re-enter the blogosphere gracefully?

My last post lamented my lack of blogging when I worked full time over the summer. Then I had went on vacation to Hong Kong and upon my return, had to prepare for school. I had figured that I’d be able to blog during school as I had previously, but it turns out I had severely underestimated the difficulty and the workload.

I do want to thank everyone for their kind inquiries regarding my absence. Each put a smile on my face. And I assure you that I hold you close at heart. In fact, sometimes I find myself commenting on the weather in Vancouver, the lack of Sephoras in Belgium, the lackluster malls in Ottawa, the shopping in India, cosmetics available in Singapore, and so on and so forth. And my friends look at me oddly and wonder how I know these things.

I can guarantee nothing but my promise to try to keep up. There is so much I want to say. If only I could type as fast as I think! It would sure help with school. Wouldn’t we all have so much more time?


First beauty swap: Canada to US with blissno9

I finally received my package from blissno9 a few days ago from our international beauty swap – she’d received hers a week before I did 😦 Seems like Canadian customs takes a little bit longer to process.

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“Easter dinner” with my roomie

As my roommate and I were the only ones left in the house over Easter weekend, we decided to have dinner together last night, as we hadn’t done so in a while. It really wasn’t an impressive spread, though – no turkey or fancy dishes. Our parents had dropped in for a visit so they had brought us homemade, pre-cooked food. All we had to do was heat it up and make some vegetables to go with it all.

It was pretty typical Chinese fare: pan-fried salmon fillets and brewed beef brisket and turnip (it tastes much better than my clumsy translation implies), courtesy of my wonderful mother; homemade barbeque pork made by his father; and we stir-fried bok choi and mushroom to go with it all. Yes, the pink chopsticks are mine 😛

It just didn’t feel quite like an “Easter dinner”, though, so I figured dessert would be the perfect way to round i off! And what better dessert than warm freshly-baked brownies?

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Mishmash of tidbits

So many little things I want to talk about – here’s a mishmash of some of my favourite blogging topics all in one post.

1. Art on MS Paint

I’ve been working on my poster presentation, and I prefer having diagrams and images on all of my powerpoint presentations rather than blocks of text. I’ve always hated siting in lecture where the prof reads off slides filled with rows and rows of text. Why bother lecturing? I could just read it on my own – don’t waste my time and put me to sleep.

Here’s one of the diagrams I drew on Microsoft Paint – pixel by pixel. No tablet, no PhotoShop. Time consuming, but oh-so-satisfying, because it is completely personalized for me, by me.

Wow, the resolution is terrible as a jpeg. It looks so much nicer as an original Paint bmp, but WordPress won’t let me upload bmp files 😦

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Sashimi party: Homemade sushi

I know that I just did a food post yesterday – but this was such a fun dinner that I couldn’t resist 🙂 Also, I  made a very satisfying haul today, but I can’t show you everything because a lot of the items I got are for my upcoming beauty swap and I want it to be a surprise for blissno9! So here’s some of the yummies we made today, instead.

Dark’s friend invited us to his place for a sashimi party – we were going to make our own sushi from scratch. There had been a market deal to get 50% off fresh fish fillets. They got 8 lbs of sashimi-grade salmon for $25 CAD! That’s less than I pay for one dinner meal of all-you-can-eat sushi!

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Tagged: 11-11-11 about me and about you

I was tagged by kofykat to complete… I have no idea what these things are called. The first word that comes to mind is “survey” haha. In any case, here’s what I have to do:

Tell 11 things about yourself, answer the 11 questions asked by the one that tagged you, tag 11 other people and ask them 11 different questions.

11 things about me:

You are about to see a side of me that I bet you weren’t expecting.

  1. I am very picky when shopping for shoes and wish I could design my own. Usually, I know if I’ll love it how it looks on me just at a glance – comfort is another issue altogether, though.
  2. I have the worst time in the world trying to keep eye makeup on. I’ve tried many things, and I’m still working on it – product by product.
  3. Despite having a cat, I have always been a dog person. I am now a fan of both!
  4. I have always wanted to design my own house.
  5. I have always been independent.
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Miko’s Monday: Why pets make your life better

A bit of a rant today.

I hate it when my friends cancel on me.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand when something important comes up. Like having your relatives over for a surprise visit. Or suddenly your mother gets angry with you. Or your dog got hit by a car. Or you have to take your grandpa to the hospital.

And once in a while, it’s okay if you forgot that you had a huge assignment due the next day that you haven’t started, or that you didn’t finish your work in time before our date.

What I don’t like is when you make a date with me, then cancel a few hours before. Then you change your mind and decide you can afford meet me after all. Only when I show up at your door, you’re in your house-clothes and tell me you have too much work to do.

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Kreativ Blogger Award

Last week, I was nominated for the Kreativ Blogger Award. I hadn’t had the time to do this properly, but here it is now. Thank you, writeandexplore, for reading my blog and for making my day brighter!

Similar to the Versatile Blogger Award, the Kreativ Blogger Award is a way for bloggers to let other bloggers know that their work is appreciated, and to allow bloggers to connect. It is also a way to find out your favourite bloggers’ favourite bloggers. 🙂

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