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Review: Bags Part 2 of 2


I ordered 4 bags at a time from back in September 2012 and did a post on the casual bags in Part 1 here. I also purchased two bags which were a little more formal.

I put on a dress from 59th Street that I also ordered from YesStyle for $20 CAD to match these bags. I haven’t worn it in public yet because it seems too formal for casual dates yet too casual for formal ones. I’m not sure when and where I can wear this!


I thought this mint green Contrast-Strap Buckled Shoulder Bag by PG Beauty was adorable. I tend to like rectangular-shaped bags and this one was roomy enough to carry anything I wanted. It cost me $29.92 CAD. The buckle and strap details were what really drew me in. The bright pink side trim on the white straps were also very unique, so I thought this was a great statement bag for when I’m wearing neutrals.


I wonder if it is a little childish for me, though? I’m considering giving this bag to my sister. I’m still thinking about it!

I also ordered a black Faux-Leather Belted Satchel by Smoothie for $27.36 CAD. I had been hoping I could use it for school, but when it arrived I realized it was just a little too small to fit 8.5″ by 11″ paper. So I guess I’ll have to just use this one as a handbag – and buy another black bag for papers and folders!


The brown teddy bear keychain is easily detachable. It adds a bit of interest to the plain black, but I’m glad that it’s easily detachable so that it can look more grown-up if I need it to.


All in all, bags from YesStyle are pretty cute and not overly expensive, if you shop smart. I like that there are affordable options so that I can purchase more variety for different occasions!

Now if only I could think of an appropriate occasion for my dress, then I’m set.


Author: pearlessence

She who loves shopping, baking, gaming, and all things Disney! All on a student's meager budget :)

16 thoughts on “Review: Bags Part 2 of 2

  1. Firstly, I think that dress is lovely!

    Secondly, I love the bags! While I’m instantly more drawn to the black bag, I think I like the blue one more — it reminds me of the current bag I’m using — but with a more retro-looking twist.

  2. Great choices, that blue one is adorable! I really love YesStyle but sometimes the postage is a little expensive for me! You look stunning in that dress by the way! Susan x

    • Thank you! For the last few months that I’ve seen, YesStyle has been offering free shipping with a $25 CAD purchase, which is not bad at all. I didn’t think that the shipping costs would be much more expensive to other places?

  3. I like your dress!! You can wear it to formal dinners or something! I’m drawn to the mint green bag (wearing mint green is awesome!); I don’t see much people carrying bags in that shade.

  4. Love the blue bag, a perfect accessory for summer! – in the meantime the black one is a lovely basic to keep from shadowing statement outfits!

    As for the dress, add a statement piece necklace and pair it with some black ballet flats for a more every day. And for evening wear, pull your hair back and pair with some memorable heels!

    Such a versatile dress with the right accessories!


    • Those are some good suggestions, I wish I could bookmark your comment or something haha! I’m not very creative when it comes to creating outfits because the most familiar combination I know is my highschool get-up of a t-shirt, jeans, and a hoodie.

  5. Cute bags, the black one is my favorite and I love the teddy bear key-chain haha it’s adorable =]

  6. Ooooh the pastel one is really pretty! It really captures the attention without being loud 🙂 I like the keychain thinie on the second bag though.

  7. Both the bags are lovely though i liked the pastel one more.:-)

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