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Haul: The Face Shop Cleansing Oil and Mask


I made another trip to The Face Shop at Pacific Mall when they had a few promotions going on: buy one get one 30% off, and get a free 2014 calendar with a $20 CAD purchase. So I purchased the Brightening Cleansing Oil and the Strawberry Sherbet Mask Pack.


I wanted to try another cleansing oil, as the only one I have ever used is the Shiseido AquaLabel Deep Clear Oil Cleansing (Whitening). I ran into the sales associate I spoke with last time and she had been using the Brightening Cleansing Oil. I liked the smell the most out of the 3 varieties, so I picked this one up. It cost $20 CAD for 200 ml (6.76 fl oz).

The Strawberry Sherbet Mask Pack is supposed to be for moisturizing and whitening, from what I remember of the label in the store. The packaging itself is all in Korean, so I can’t actually confirm what it says on the jar. It cost $15 CAD for 110 ml (3.72 fl oz).

The SA gave me more samples of the Arsainte Eco-Therapy Extreme Moisture Tonic with Essential (toner) and Serum with Essential (serum) that she had given me last time so I could try them for a longer period.


She remembered that I had told her that I had dry skin, too, so she gave me some samples of the Mango Seed line to try. The SA told me that it was actually more moisturizing than the Chia Seed line (got samples for the cream last time), but that some people didn’t like the Mango Seed line because it felt more buttery.


I got another box of cotton pads again when she was talking about using cotton pads with the toner, and a sample size of the same cleansing oil that I bought. Funny that it has a different colour of packaging as a mini.


They had forgotten to give me a 2014 calendar with my purchase. Luckily, my dad and sister asked me why I didn’t get a calendar as I was walking out.


Do you recognize the idol on the calendar?

The samples they keep giving me will definitely keep me coming back to The Face Shop!


Author: pearlessence

She who loves shopping, baking, gaming, and all things Disney! All on a student's meager budget :)

4 thoughts on “Haul: The Face Shop Cleansing Oil and Mask

  1. I think the girl in the calender is the female lead of Dream High. Not sure if I got it right but she seems alike the girl in Dream High. LOL!

    Oh … You got their Brightening Cleansing Oil. I wanted to buy their Rice Water Cleansing Oil but didn’t get to. Maybe this Sunday. xD

    • Possibly! I have no idea because I don’t have time to watch any dramas haha. Any K-drama fan would know, though.

      I got the Brightening Cleansing Oil because the SA was using it, so I figured it couldn’t be that bad… right?

  2. The girl on the calendar is Bae Suzy from Miss A and yes, she is from the drama Dream High ^_^
    Wow you got a lot of samples!! Did you ask for them or did they just give it to you? I bought some stuffs on korean cosmetics counter sometimes but I never get any sample no matter how much I spend LOL

    I’m looking for a cleansing oil and I don’t know which to buy. I will be waiting for your review! ^_^

    • I didn’t ask for any samples at all! I think it really depends on the store and the sales associate. Sometimes the more you talk to the SA, the more they’ll give you. Other times, maybe their boss doesn’t want them giving out so many samples. I think it’s a good idea though, because if I like the sample, I definitely go back for the full size!

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