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Swatch and Review: Joe Fresh Lip Tint in Ruby


I picked up this Joe Fresh lip tint a while ago and I believe it was $6 CAD. I have never used lip tints before and thought this would be fun to try, especially at that price.


This is actually what the unopened tube looked like, as if there was product missing. I like the clear packaging so that I can see how much product is left. It might be easier to tell if there’s been any tampering, too, but they all come individually wrapped with clear packaging so that shouldn’t be a big concern.


Ruby is one of 5 shades available, the others being Berry (darker red), Bubble Gum (hot pink), Crush (light orange), and Mango (peachy-coral). I’m surprised by how watery the lip tint was. I guess I was expecting something as viscous as a gloss at least, or maybe even a paste. The product inside the tube never got displaced when I shook the tube so I had no idea that the tint would turn out to be so thin and watery.


Ruby actually turned out to be a much brighter red than I thought it would be just from looking at the tube and at the applicator. The swatch was a bright poppy red.


Here are pictures of my bare lips, the lip tint applied, and then rubbed off with water and tissue:




Because the consistency of the lip tint was so thin, application was quick and easy. I had some trouble building up an even wash of colour on my upper lips but that might be attributable to my inability to draw a nice outline on my lips whenever I try to wear a bold lip colour.

The Joe Fresh lip tint was a little drying but I feel like that’s expected for a long-wearing lip product. It did taste pretty bad, though – it was surprisingly bitter and didn’t taste like a regular lipstick, if you know what I mean. It tastes pretty bad when it’s not fully dry yet, but after it’s completely dry, it doesn’t taste any worse than a regular lip product. I’m not sure if that’s typical for all lip tints. Anyone care to shed some light on that?

It does transfer onto anything that touches your lips. But as a lip tint, it definitely does its job. After I rubbed the tint off my lips with water and tissue, you can see that my lips are stained by the lip tint. All in all, I think that it does a good job for $6 CAD.

In the meantime, I’ll have to make sure the tint dries fully before eating or drinking.

Have you tried the Joe Fresh lip tints? Do other lip tints taste bad too? Share your thoughts!


Author: pearlessence

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12 thoughts on “Swatch and Review: Joe Fresh Lip Tint in Ruby

  1. My first thought was wow, that’s a rich and bright tint.
    I don’t know about the taste, I’ve never had a lip product that taste really bad…
    definitely would be a turn off for me 😦

  2. I wouldn’t have even bought it if I saw it looked like some was missing. I always check my lipsticks/glosses/anything to make sure they haven’t been tampered with.
    I also would have expected a richer color pay off… Hmm.

    • They were all packaged like that and all individually wrapped securely – there was no way to slide the product out in order to tamper with it. Also because it was clear, you can see that there wasn’t any product collected at the top, which would happen if you slid the wand out.

      It’s probably more sheer than expected because it’s so watery. I’ve never used lip tints before so i don’t know if that’s normal.

  3. That’s a really pretty color. I feel like with all tinted products like that the packaging looks like some is missing at least with the ones I have had.

  4. The color looks fantastic! I love how it looks in the tube…I def. want to try this!

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