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Haul: RiRi Hearts MAC and a peachy lipstick


The RiRi Hearts MAC collection was released in stores today! I went to check it out because I like seeing products in person.


I got to the mall at 10:03 am, 3 minutes after the mall opened. The line outside MAC was relatively short, easily fewer than 10 people waiting outside. I got in after less than 2 minutes in line – not bad at all.

Or so I thought. Apparently the mall opens at 9:30 am in December so that people can do more shopping. One woman was apparently at the mall at 6:00 am for the RiRi Hearts MAC release. And she was still there when I was shopping!

I was only supposed to pick up one thing at MAC: the RiRi Hearts MAC double-ended brush.


The ends of this brush are made up of the MAC 217 blending brush (left) and the 239 eye shader brush (right), which are two of their most popular brushes. Alone, the 217 costs $28.50 CAD and the 239 costs $30 CAD. I figured that $42 CAD for the two together was good enough of a bargain for me.

Everyone always raves about these brushes so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to see for myself. Maybe it’ll help me get better at putting on eye makeup haha. Besides, white and rose gold packaging? Irresistible.

I couldn’t help myself so of course I browsed some of the other items too. I was going to walk away, but then the MAC sales associate just had to dust the bronzer on my face.



Now, I haven’t been getting much sleep lately because of exams so I am looking pretty pale and sickly. It didn’t help that I just dragged myself out of bed to get to MAC so I was also really drab and tired. The bronzer brought life back into my face so I was sold.

…and it’s so pretty!



I think the rose glitter really helped bring life back into my face. Most shimmery bronzers usually have gold glitter, which has a much cooler effect. The warmth of the rose imitates the flush of a healthy glow. It cost $35 CAD with magnetic closure.

The eyeshadow palette Phresh Out looked beautiful in person. But when I swatched it, I found that the second and third glittery shadows were just that – glitter. There was barely any colour payoff. The shadows that had great payoff were the first, fourth, and fifth.


For a $52.50 CAD palette, I didn’t think it was worth it to only have 3 pigmented shades. I also found the size of the pans too small for my personal preference. I would have to be much more careful when sticking my brush in the pan to try to only pick up one colour, and to try not to mix up the shadows.

For one reason or another, everybody loved the lipsticks and two out of three shades were actually sold out by the time I got there. I’ll admit that the packaging is beautiful, but my lips are too dry for matte lipsticks so I wasn’t interested in the range anyway.

Instead, I looked for a nice peachy lipstick that would go well with my skin tone. I’ve been looking for a nice peach coloured lipstick ever since I saw Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. She always had this peachy creamiscle-coloured lipstick and I loved the look on her. Unfortunately, the colour doesn’t work well on my skin tone and with my natural lip colour.

I think the shade Ravishing might work for me though! I’ll have to see whether this wears well or whether it settles into fine lines. It cost $18 CAD.



Did you get anything from the RiRi Hearts MAC collection? If you are considering it, I highly recommend checking out the bronzer, the warm shimmer definitely makes it stand out from your typical bronzer.

I was only supposed to pick up one thing at MAC.


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16 thoughts on “Haul: RiRi Hearts MAC and a peachy lipstick

  1. oh my that eyeshadow palette looks amazing!!!! xx

  2. The bronzer looks stunning – pretty packaging also 🙂

  3. I totally got talked into buying the same eyeshadow palette. I might return it, but I’m not sure yet. I didn’t like how the two were pure glitter, but we’ll see how I feel about the other three. The girl who convinced me said it looks like something I would buy (she knows me and I always try to buy my stuff from her) so I was just like, “FINE OKAY SURE”

  4. So pretty. I’m so bummed everything from this collection is sold out in the US

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