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Review: Bags Part 1 of 2


I wrote a review for two years ago when I first ordered off the website because I couldn’t find any reviews commenting on how trustworthy it was. Since then, I’ve made quite a few orders and I dug up some pictures I had taken of a bag haul from YesStyle from last year. I got 4 in total: 2 bags that were more casual and 2 that were more sophisticated.

This post will focus on the two casual bags that I bought from

Faux Leather Trim Backpack – 59 Seconds



What I’m wearing: American Eagle knit sweater and Bootlegger skinny jeans

Let me just mention that I love 59 Seconds and 59th Street. They are sister brands for casual and workplace clothing, respectively. Their current selection seems a bit lacking though, there aren’t as many items as I remember.

As you probably know, things you see online don’t always look as great when you get it at home. There’s a lot of preparation and professional photographers that produce great photos. I’m a pretty bad photographer (and a pretty bad model – check out that stiff awkward smile) so you can get a sense of what the products really look like in real life.

This backpack was pretty much exactly what I expected from what the showed on the website. It was roomy and lightweight, perfect for school. The brown zipper tabs for the main pocket did fall off easily since the metal hoop holding them wasn’t fully enclosed. I lost one of the tabs, but that was just me being lazy – I could’ve just taken pliers and tightened the metal hoop. But I’m lazy.


This backpack still seems to be available on, although it is marked temporarily out of stock. I must have gotten all my bags on a huge sale (no wonder I bought 4) since I only paid $15.96 CAD for this. After a good year of use with my heavy laptop, I do see signs of wear on the bottom of the bag. Specifically, where the corners of my laptop weighed down into the fabric.

I’ve retired this backpack mostly because I don’t want it to rip and have my laptop get destroyed when I’m running for the bus. But all in all a good buy, and many of my friends thought the backpack was cute.

Buckled Plaid Satchel – 19th Street



I LOVE this bag. The straps are soft and comfortable and the body is lightweight, being made of durable fabric. It was roomy and exactly as pictured on the website – in fact, I think it looks better in real life! I could take this bag to school, to work, to the mall, to the gym… I was pleasantly surprised by how much I loved this bag. Not to mention that I got a lot of compliments, and the unique pattern meant my friends could spot me from a mile away. I love taking this everywhere because I could dress it up or down, and hold a lot of goodies in it without it being heavy.


I purchased this bag for $19.95 CAD. It’s no longer available on the website, but I have linked the two pictures to the pages on YesStyle anyway just in case you want to see what their pictures looked like or if you want to look at similar items. My bag is still like-new, except for the inner zip pocket – I think my keys poked a hole in the lining. Easily fixable as well with a needle and thread.

Two large functional (adorable) bags for under $20 CAD each? Done deal!

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Author: pearlessence

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8 thoughts on “Review: Bags Part 1 of 2

  1. I adore that plaid bag… Omg!

  2. Ah, I’m sold on the plaid bag! It’s so proper and durable looking! I want a sweater in that pattern lol!

    I wish I had a cool backpack like that when I was in university… *nerd alert*

    • Haha because that’s what school is all about – having the coolest backpack in class 😛

      I think I’m a bigger nerd, don’t worry. I had a Pikachu backpack in grade 4 and man did I flaunt it. Made it so much better ro pack my bag each night haha

  3. That plaid bag is beautiful!! 🙂
    You look beautiful, btw 🙂

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