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Asian Supermarket Beauty Finds: Ichikami Moisturizing Hair Care


I know I said I’d update my old blog posts first, but it’s taking much longer than I thought it would. So I’m going to cheat a little and talk about this instead because I am excited to use my new shampoo tonight!

I have used Pantene Pro-V since elementary school and had always come back to the brand. I haven’t been enjoying the newer formulation and packaging. Since I just ran out of shampoo, my friend angelandthings recommended the Shiseido Tsubaki Damage Care Shampoo.

It seems that Asian beauty products have been slowly moving their way into Canada, as I found lots of Asian products at my local T&T Supermarket. They even had skincare and BB cream for sale. Unfortunately, the Shiseido Tsubaki Damage Care Shampoo was all sold out at T&T. I guess that’s a testament to its popularity. It costs $18.89 CAD. There was ONE lonely bottle of the conditioner left…


There was a lady standing in the beauty aisle with tester BB creams for those who want to try the colour and consistency, and to help customers find what they need. We carried on a conversation in broken English-Cantonese-Mandarin – she was most fluent in Mandarin, and that was the one language I was the most limited in. I asked for a recommendation for shampoo for oily hair and she suggested either the Ichikami Moisturizing Care Shampoo ($14.99 CAD for 530 ml) or the Shiseido Moist Hair Pack Shampoo ($14.99 CAD for 600 ml).


I decided to go with the Ichikami shampoo for two reasons: (1) she said it would be better for my hair – I have no idea why because I couldn’t understand her explanation in Mandarin; (2) there was a value pack for Ichikami that was on sale for $12.99 CAD – perfect for the bargain buyer in me.


The value pack included English on the package. This was good and bad – good because at least I have some idea of what I’m using, since the products themselves are covered in Japanese; bad because… now I have to keep the packaging?


The Ichikami value pack included the 530 ml shampoo, a 200 ml conditioner, and a sheet mask. I normally don’t use conditioner because I have oily hair. I know I’m not supposed to, but I wash my hair almost every day or I get very uncomfortable otherwise. I also don’t like individual sheet masks because I don’t feel that one use is indicative of the effectiveness of any skincare product. But I was basically getting these as freebies with my shampoo at a lower price, so no complaints here. Who knows, I might actually need the conditioner if the shampoo ends up drying out my hair (ha! I’d almost be glad).


The Ichikami brand name comes from the Japanese proverb “Ichikami, nisugata”, which means “Hair first, appearance second”. I have seen passing glimpses that Ichikami is under Kanebo, or Kracie, but I can’t find any confirmations of Kanebo. Kracie is imprinted on the bottles though. Any confirmation would be appreciated.

The Ichikami shampoos are also silicone-free. Silicone (or the scientific name, dimethicone) is used in hair products, coating your hair in order to add thickness, reduce static, and give your hair shine. The lack of silicone weighing down your hair should help it look less flat. Having fine, thin, and flat straight hair myself, I have never been able to get my hair to look thick and voluminous. I was going to try a volume boosting shampoo (the Pantene Pro-V fine to volume shampoo did NOTHING for me), but I’m curious to see how this one will fare.

I am skeptical that this shampoo will be able to manage the oil in my hair, but I’ve never had much confidence in any shampoo being able to do so. That’s because the majority of shampoo lines are designed to moisturize and repair hair instead. The fact that this line is labelled “moisturizing” doesn’t help my skepticism, but I am optimistic about its overall performance.


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3 thoughts on “Asian Supermarket Beauty Finds: Ichikami Moisturizing Hair Care

  1. I’m so sad they ran out of the Shiseido Tsubaki Damage Care one 😦

    I like it when conditioner bottles are smaller than the shampoo… since I find I ALWAYS finish my shampoo and still have half a bottle of conditioner… now what?! lol.

    Let me know what you think about the Ichikami one! Hopefully it will work! The packaging is cuteeee (I’m a sucker for cherry blossom).

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