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Banishing post-Titanic puffy eyes


Firstly, I have been sorely missing out on blogging and reading blogs. Despite how ridiculously overloaded I am, I end each day lamenting about my lack of blogging 😦 I just had to squeeze in this quick post, as I don’t know when I’ll have time to make another for the next few days as well.

Now. I know I’m a little late to the party. Okay, aΒ lot late – 15 years late. But as 2012 marks the 100th anniversary of the tragedy of Titanic with a re-introduction into the theatres of the movie in 3D, I was reminded of the fact that I still hadn’t yet watched Titanic at all. I was never privy to the quotes and quips my classmates made from the movie – a decade ago.

Well, at long last, I finally watched the movie a few days ago for the first time. And I bawled hysterically. I need me a Jack Dawson.

Jack as he watches Rose descend in a life boat, assuring her that he will be fine whilst she is borne to relative safety.

He is a dream – no suits or pizzazz needed. And his passing, along with that of the 1500 others portrayed in the movie, moved me to no end. A few years back when I watched The Notebook, I was convinced that it wasΒ the chick flick – the one love story that every girl who watches it will melt and tear up. I loved that movie. But Noah and Ally died together, old, after having lived a long happy life with each other. But Jack, at the ripe age of 20, gives everything for Rose. What hit me hard was Rose’s comment that she’d never even had a photo of Jack, that he only exists in her memory – followed by the revealing of the photographs she took everywhere with her, all the photos of herself doing all the things she was supposed to have done with Jack. I’m very sentimental, so that really sent me over the edge. I’d have to say that Titanic is much more moving than The Notebook. Well done, crew – especially for enduring the severe conditions and putting up with the illness that ensued.

Jack telling Rose that she must survive while he floats next to her in the frigid Atlantic waters.

Prior to watching the movie, I’d read up quite a bit of history on the RMS Titanic, her sister ship the RMS Olympic, as well as the company White Star Line, which had built the two ships. I delved through the Wikipedia pages, watched YouTube documentaries. I was half-convinced by the insurance scam conspiracy theories. Numbers flashed left and right – total passengers, total survivors – organized by class. The statistics had made me feeling empty, but nothing was quite as heart-rending as watching the hundreds of people being denied a chance at life. Human nature can take quite an ugly turn when it’s every man for himself. The societal rankings and priorities issued were also very upsetting. It was all understandable, but still quite ugly. The overconfidence of mankind has often had deadly consequences – Titanic was not the only large-scale tragedy to have occurred from it.

The funny thing is, I also read the synopsis of the movie before I watched it. I knew what was coming. I knew who was dying. But that did not stop me from crying enough to compete with a broken tap. And respecting so many of the characters. I can’t believe this was what I’d missed out on in the last 15 years.

Only a few of the many who lost their lives on the Titanic – the Ship of Dreams.

In any case, a night of crying combined with an early morning did horrors for my facial expression the next morning. I wish I had a “before” picture to show you, but I’m kind of glad I didn’t take one, because then I would’ve been obligated to post it up. In effect, I had horrendous dark circles under my eyes, with puffy eyes and eyelids. My double eyelids had puffed up to make two creases, giving me triple eyelids. I looked quite miserable.

It’s a wonder that little fixes could help so much, but I had limited resources. I folded and wet some tissues with cold water and placed them on my eyes to reduce the puffiness and bring my eyes back to double-lidded ones. A brightening eyeshadow base (Laura Mercier Eye Canvas in EC-1) underneath some concealer (Maybelline Double Face Corrector – discontinued) hid the panda eyes. A touch of natural lip colour (NARS lipstick in Dolce Vita) helped bring life to my complexion. A little goes a long way, even with a miserable mess.

Eyes are still a little puffed up, but much better than they were when I woke up, believe you me.

I’m so glad I didn’t watch Titanic for the first time in theatres – my sobbing would have been quite embarrassing. Dark witnessed my breakdown and referred to Titanic as having “magical tear-inducing powers.”

Have you watched Titanic? In 3D?


Author: pearlessence

She who loves shopping, baking, gaming, and all things Disney! All on a student's meager budget :)

28 thoughts on “Banishing post-Titanic puffy eyes

  1. already watched it πŸ™‚ it’s so sad yet beautiful…the love that Jack had for Rose is unforgettable πŸ˜€

  2. You are too cute. When the movie came out for the first time, I saw it I think twice in theatres, and then a third time on TV. By the third time I saw it, I was balling my eyes out by the opening credits, because I knew what was going to happen. I could care less about the love story aspect, though. I’m just taken in by the historical aspects of it.

    • I think they were both beautifully done. They did a really good job showing all the aspects of the ship, from the suites and stateroom to the engines and storage areas. The fact that the lovers were from different classes really gave them the opportunity to show exactly how the conditions differed, as well. It was truly a depiction of the Titanic itself, and not just focused on the love story.

  3. i cannot believe you just watched titanic for the first time! πŸ˜€
    im glad you liked it, it’s a classic… i think i’ve watched it 17 times.

  4. HAHAHA OMG you’re too funny!!
    I used to watch this movie everyday as a kid.
    such a classic!

    • Really? I’m sure my parents wouldn’t have let me watch it – due to the nudity, of course. I’d never felt compelled to watch it either. I figured, why would I want to watch a movie where people die? Little did I know i was missing out on a very important piece of history.

      • HAHA they covered my eyes during those naughty scenes.. and it just made me wonder more!
        My dad didn’t even let me watch the old school degrassi because it was on showcase lol

      • But now that I’ve finally watched it, the nudity wasn’t scandalizing at all. It was quite tame, in fact, compared to some of the other big-screen naughty times πŸ˜›

  5. This movie gets me every time. I’ve seen it numerous times, and I can never hold my tears back. I always think of the people who really went through this. I did some research on the news articles surrounding Titanics sinking (

    Even the people who played music on the decks of the ship while it was going down really happened. It’s so sad :c

    • Oh wow, I’m definitely going to read through this! Thanks for the link…! I didn’t know that the musicians really kept playing, either. It was so sad to see the selflessness of some of these people, and the selfishness of others. I can’t imagine what it would’ve been like – even watching the frozen bodies on screen makes me shiver 😦

  6. You are too cute! I, like you, never saw this in theatres growing up and I was the only one in my grade 7 health class that didn’t raise her hand when the teacher asked who had seen it….BUT I did have the good sense to watch it when it came out on VHS (oh god, so old I am getting). It is a wonderful movie, and Leo was and always will be an incredible actor…and Kate Winslet is remarkable to. On a side note, now that you are discovering a love for young Leo, you should check our “what’s eating gilbert grape?” I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. Just don’t read the entire synopsis first! ❀

    • It’s okay, I still have all my old Disney movies on VHS! I still have a VHS player at home, too… I think. My exposure to common knowledge is so limited, I’m sure my friends think I live in a box! πŸ˜›

      They both did a lovely job in Titanic – although of course I was swooning over the 22-year-old DiCaprio much more than I was over the 22-year-old Winslet πŸ˜‰ On that note, I also prefer the 22-year-old DiCaprio over the current DiCaprio, for obvious age-related reasons! I’ve never heard of What’s Eating Gilbert Grape – is that a movie?

      You have a new avatar! I almost didn’t recognize you haha. I like it – it depicts “eyemasq” really nicely πŸ™‚

  7. You are too cute! I know girls can cry over sad soppy movies i have been witness to it, i dare not ask her why but reading you going over every bit that moved you, to make you wanna cry is.. well, haha~ and aww… but i totally get and understand how this movie has magical tear inducing powers! I’ve watched Titanic before many times and I love it too for all the reasons you said it moved you, things like the seperate social class and how its every man for himself is infuriating. but the different thing I admired is the Jack Dawson character, how he travelled the world with just the clothes on his back, a few belongings and his sketchbook, the artist enjoys his life, doesn’t know where he’s gonna be next, who he’s gonna meet but makes each day count! I’d love to be able to own that mentality and feel safe and secure.

    • For me, it was all the self-sacrifice going on as well as the desperation for life that pushes people to do things they really wouldn’t do as thinking, feeling human beings.

      I respect Jack Dawson’s ability to keep himself afloat with just the bare essentials, but realistically, I would never desire such a life for myself. I like things to be solid and constant, dependable and sure. I’m convinced that Jack wouldn’t have been able to carry on the way he has if he had a little wife and a few kids in tow – there’s no safety and security in his constant travelling! However, his mentality to make each day count is definitely one worth imitating πŸ™‚

  8. “What hit me hard was Rose’s comment that she’d never even had a photo of Jack, that he only exists in her memory – followed by the revealing of the photographs she took everywhere with her, all the photos of herself doing all the things she was supposed to have done with Jack.”

    that part was one of the parts where I bawled the most..even though I already was bawling ages before that scene. reading your post made my eyes burn a bit too.
    Jack Dawson is pretty much perfect. *sigh* Leonardo Di Caprio was so oh so handsome..

    • I know! I noticed it as soon as they showed it – it just clicked for me. My boyfriend, who’d watched it a few times before already, didn’t notice it until I pointed it out – riding a horse “like a man”, none of that sissy side-saddle stuff.

      Jack Dawson was perfect! He was so passionate about life, and a perfect gentleman. DiCaprio was so handsome… 15 years ago πŸ˜› hehe xD

  9. Oh, that first image of Jack is one I’ll always remember – I went and saw the original movie 3 times I think! I’ll have to get back to see the 3-D version if it’s still playing! πŸ™‚

    • I’m pretty sure it only came out a while ago, it should still be in theatres! I’d have to say I’m glad I watched it at home, though, especially because apparently i was not as discreet with my sobbing as I thought πŸ˜› The roommates were wondering what the heck “that sound” was hahaha

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