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March 2012 Glymm Box Review


Perhaps a little overdue, as the April 2012 Glymm Box has already been scheduled for delivery, but I’d like to talk about the items in the March 2012 Glymm Box nonetheless. Glymm is a Canadian beauty box that sends 4-5 samples to your door for a monthly fee of $10 CAD plus tax. You can collect Glymm Points which you can redeem for discounts should you want to purchase any of the full-sized products they have on their website. It is one of the 4 beauty boxes currently available in Canada – learn more about them in my post here.

If you remember from my initial post about it, I was not impressed by the contents of the March 2012 Glymm Box. After trying out the products for myself, I do believe that the Box has somewhat redeemed itself.

Left to right:

  1. Nu-Me Feather Hair Extensions
  2. Burt’s Bees Milk & Honey Body Lotion
  3. M. Asam Magic Fini
  4. Anastasia Beverly Hills Hydrafull Gloss in Sorbet
  5. Ocean Nail Polish in Heavenly

where #1 and 5 are full sized. The Burt’s Bees Milk & Honey Body Lotion samples were extras – it’s the only thing that isn’t listed on product list and there was no survey to complete for it.

You might’ve noticed I just recycled this image from my original post. That tells you that I still have not felt the inclination to open this. I admit to have had curiosities about coloured extensions or clip-ons when I was younger, but I’m still not impressed by the grey and black striped feathers. I would have to say this was the worst colour choice possible for my black hair. I could see it working for blond hair, red, even brunette – just not black. And they knew my hair colour. Shame on them. If there is a next time, I’d like a nice purple, even a red or blue would suffice, please and thank you.

Seeing as how I have somewhat of a vendetta against Burt’s Bees Lip Balm, I was pretty skeptical of this body lotion. I’ve only used the Burt’s Bees Milk & Honey Body Lotion once, and there’s still a substantial amount of product left in the sample packet. The lotion has a slight creamy yellow colour that applies very smoothly. Despite it being quite thin in texture, it absorbs very quickly and made my legs very smooth and soft without any residual oiliness or stickiness. I actually loved how it felt and think that it works very nicely. The one drawback that keeps me from using this, and let me say that I was very glad I’d used this on my legs and not anywhere near my face, is that the scent of it really puts me off. I have to go wash my hands with soap after I use this so I don’t have to smell it. I don’t know how to describe it, but if I had to put words to it, I would have to say it smells like raw honey. Except I don’t actually know what raw honey smells like, so I think I could just be spewing nonsense here. However, scent is a very personal preference, so some may love this. This body lotion was great for my dry skin, I’d just rather it had smelled different. Even scentless would have been preferable.

In all honesty, I was prepared for disappointment the first time I tried the M. Asam Magic Fini. I wasn’t sure exactly what it was (and I’m still not that sure), but here are the descriptions included on the product list as well as on the website:

This silky formula blends beautifully into your skin to conceal uneven skin tone for a light, matte, natural looking finish. It smoothes away the appearance of wrinkles, enlarged pores and imperfections to reveal a sun kissed healthy looking skin tone. It’s magical.

It provides light to medium or full coverage, depending on application, for a flawless radiant appearance (Special Pigments.) Apply Magic Fini after skin care onto the entire face until the desired coverage is obtained.

We’ll tackle this one step at a time.

My first impression of this product was that it would never work for me – the shade is much darker than my natural complexion. The texture is very light and it feels very thin between the fingers, almost like a mousse. Although it seems like it would be way too dark, the Magic Fini is actually not very pigmented at all. Below are some comparisons of the Magic Fini with MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Foundation in #118, my supposed shade.

As you can see, the Magic Fini is not as fluid as MUFE liquid foundation and it certainly seems a darker shade. However, after blending, the two are very similar and are barely distinguishable.

In terms of coverage, I would have to strongly disagree with their statement that it could be built up to full. I would have to say that the Magic Fini was sheer coverage – perhaps light at best. Because it is so sheer, I have difficulty figuring out which part of my face already has product on it. Layering the product does not build up the coverage noticeably and it doesn’t cover my undereye circles very well on a bad day. Below are pictures of me before and after application on a bare face without moisturizer or primer.


The Magic Fini evens out my complexion while softening features and imperfections. I notice no change in my skin tone and as you can tell, the dark pigment of the product blends out as to have no effect on me at all – not even the “sun kissed” effect it says it supposed to have. The Magic Fini is very silky upon application – almost like a foundation primer as opposed to an actual foundation or tinted moisturizer. There’s no indication of SPF that I can find, which I don’t mind as it would be perfect for evening out my skin for flash photography. Despite it having very sheer coverage, it does fill in pores – again, much like a primer would. I assume that it would fill in wrinkles to the same effect. With much trepidation, I decided to include close-up pictures of this pore-filling effect – if you don’t want to see that, please feel free to skip on right ahead.

The Magic Fini fills out my pores quite nicely and also camouflages the redness I had around my nose. It definitely gave a natural, no-makeup finish and did not break me out. A little goes a long way – so far, I’ve only used all of the product that was on the lid of the jar. I’m not sure I would repurchase this only because I still have so many products to go through, but all in all, it went beyond all expectations (probably because I had none) and I do find myself reaching for it, especially for those no-SPF occasions.

The Anastasia Hydrafull Gloss in Sorbet – are you as surprised with the applicator as I was? It’s a stiff rubber paddle that has very little flexibility – it was the weirdest sensation trying to apply the gloss to my lips. I’m not a big fan of the applicator. It allows very precise application but not surprisingly, it doesn’t apply very evenly – more in blotches of product. Although that’s easily fixed by rubbing your lips together, I guess I just like softer applicators for my lips. I may change my mind when I’ve used it more.

In any case, the colour is gorgeous – I loved it much more than I expected. It didn’t dry out my lips at all and was not overly “sticky” as glosses go. However, I’m not the best judge of that, as I’m fully aware that lip glosses are for the most part, formulated with stickiness. It did last quite a few hours provided I wasn’t eating or drinking heavily, and would stay on if I was careful.

Sorbet is a delightful bubble gum pink that blends to be a nice pop of shiny colour on my lips that is noticeable and that lasts. I am quite happy with this sample as well, even though I don’t wear lip gloss all that often. Since it is a 1 mL tube and the full size costs $27 CAD for 2.2 mL, I do believe it was a decent sized sample, despite it seeming extraordinarily tiny.

I received Ocean Nail Polish in the colour Heavenly. I’d always had the intention of purchasing a nude polish such as this for french manicures. I’m glad I never did, because I would’ve hated myself for wasting the money and not given myself a chance to love it. The first time I put this polish on, the colour was such a disappointment I’d taken it right off again without painting the other hand. I don’t know what I was expecting, but the sheerness and lack of pigmentation was definitely not it. I tried it another time and again, took it right off, this time after painting my nails on both hands. Third time’s the charm, though, as I tried it on again two days ago, and realized it was a perfect polish to wear for my interview yesterday. It is very natural with just a tinge of colour to even out my nails and give it a bit of shine without being too distracting were I to gesture with my hands in the midst of my interview. It was professional, and yet subtle enough so that it seemed like my nails were taken care of without looking like they had been overly done. It’s definitely grown on me. I’m not sure how long it lasts in terms of chipping since I’d only applied it two days ago, but it definitely dries very quickly between coats. I applied two coats of Heavenly followed by one coat of Seche Vite top coat (Christmas gift from angelandthings).

I had never heard of Ocean Nail Polish before this, but according to the only source I can find on Google, it is a Canadian brand based in Montreal, Quebec. Ocean is a private label line sold to upscale salons and is supposedly chip-resistant and long-lasting. There are 80 colours in addition to a top coat, base coat, and a nail hardener and the polishes do not contain any harmful chemicals. If my memory serves me correctly, the Glymm survey indicated that Ocean polishes retail for $12 CAD, but they aren’t available for sale on their website, so I wouldn’t know where to begin looking for them. I suppose I will have to rely on luck to run into Ocean polishes, but seeing as how I never walk into salons, this may pose a problem.

All in all, I’m more satisfied with my March 2012 Glymm Box than I had initially been. Although I’m still not happy with the hair extensions and don’t love the body lotion, the Magic Fini, Anastasia lip gloss, and Ocean nail polish have made Glymm redeem themselves somewhat. The Box was not a total miss – I’ll be sticking around to see what else Glymm has to offer. I should be getting the April 2012 Box in a day or two, we’ll see how it goes!

If you’re interested in signing up for Glymm, I would really appreciate it if you would do so as my referral 🙂


Nu-Me Feather Hair Extensions


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20 thoughts on “March 2012 Glymm Box Review

  1. That looks like a cool box, wish we had those in the US.

  2. Magic Fini looks interesting! I’ve never heard of it, but I kind of want to try it out now! Was very surprised that you experienced no color change – it looked so dark in the pot!

    • I was really surprised at it too, but from the pictures you can see that I didn’t get darker at all. A quick search says that M. Asam originated in Germany by a couple (M. and M. Asam lol why am I not surprised) who also have more recently expanded their brand into the US.

  3. I agree with you about the smell on Burts Bees products. I’ve used quite a few of their products and they have a strange smell to them. It smells a little like rancid honey or something :\ hard to describe just weird. I love that lip gloss color! Not the applicator though.

    • It’s too bad about the smell because I really think that it did work nicely and made my skin soft and smooth. So close, but just didn’t make the cut.

      What a strange applicator for a lip gloss, huh? This was the first time I’d seen something like this and it was very surprising.

  4. U don’t need foundation! ur skin is so nice!

  5. Try the extensions! I wanna see how they look like! 😛

    I mentioned it before, but i love the color of the lipgloss!

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  7. hey I wanted to know is it worth it to purchase the Glymm box or the Topbox? Do you find each company to be consistant when distributing the boxes on time? And are they easy to get a hold of when you have a problem?

    • Hi Nicole,

      I haven’t been updating my blog lately, but I actually discontinued my subscription to Glymm back in June for a couple of reasons:

      1. The price has been increased from $10/mo to $12/mo before taxes for new members. As an existing member, I retained my rate of $10/mo, but I didn’t think it was worth $12/mo for 4 items.

      2. They replaced the cardboard Glymm Boxes with makeup pouches in the name of reducing waste. In all honesty, I think it’s better to recycle a cardboard box than to accumulate a mountain of makeup pouches. They’re nice, but they’re probably contributing to the raised price, too.

      3. The items were consistently mediocre. The “deluxe-sized” samples were small, and I got way too many packets (I hate packets – you get them for free at the mall) and perfume samples. I would always find at least one item intriguing, two at best. It wasn’t worth paying for miniscule samples and one good item.

      Glymm was pretty consistent in their monthly delivery – they ship during the week of the 10th of each month. Glossybox is much more unpredictable, usually received at the end of every month instead.

      Most beauty boxes are great with customer service in that they try to do everything they can for you. Although you may get delay on urgent matters, as they prefer to communicate over email rather than the phone (it took forever to locate a phone number) and will direct you to voicemail. They try to fix problems ASAP, but it’ll be better if you let them know earlier rather than later.

      I am waiting for my first Topbox to arrive in October, as I’ve been on the waitlist for about half a year. I have high hopes for Topbox, but I can’t comment on it just yet. I am enjoying my subscription to Glossybox, though – perhaps you’d like to check them out.

      Hope this helps!

  8. Thanks it did help! For Glossybox, did you have to wait very long on a waiting list like Glymm or they’re quick at accepting new subscripers?

    • I didn’t have to wait for either Glymm or Glossybox, especially since I signed up for Glossybox the second month it was available in Canada. I just checked the websites, it doesn’t seem like there is a wait-list for either, although they might surprise you after you sign up.

      I’ve only known Topbox and Loose Button to need wait-lists.

      If you do end up signing up for Glossybox, I hope you use my referral!

      Thanks again for reading 🙂

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