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Miko’s Monday: Growing up with pets + Wine for kitties


Growing up, I’d always wanted a pet – a cute, furry, warm-blooded pet. The small fishbowl containing two goldfish did not count – I couldn’t pet them, I couldn’t cuddle them, and they had no personality that I could discern at 6 years of age.

Apparently my memory can last at least 24 hours – not just 3 seconds!

I would’ve wanted a dog to play with and to walk. A cat would’ve been nice to pet and cuddle. Even a hamster would’ve been fun to hold and nuzzle. But my parents said that if I wasn’t responsible enough to clean my room, I wouldn’t be able to take care of a pet. So the responsibility of the pet would fall onto their shoulders and my sister and I were already enough of a workload.

By the way, meet Hamham. I know the resolution is terrible but I had a bad phone camera and he just wouldn’t stop moving! Hamham is a teddy bear hamster that my first-year roommate bought on a whim. She had no sense of responsibility at all – so he ended up being my responsibility. I gave him treats, fed him, watered him, and cleaned his cage. But that’s okay because I had a pet to take care of and play with. And he loved me best – I was the only one he’s never bitten. When the residence staff found out, my roommate’s mother took him home – and I suppose she took over his care, as she also periodically drove in to clean her 18-year-old daughter’s room, dirty laundry, and 3-week-old dishes.

Last year, my dad made my sister a deal: if she could keep her room clean for one month, she could have a pet. I was shocked and appalled and somewhat upset that he gave her that offer. If I’d had that, I’d definitely have a pet by now. He only laughed and said it was because he was beyond confident that she would not be able to do it. Lo and behold, she didn’t even come close – she lasted not even a week.

So here’s my little secret: my parents don’t know about Miko. My wonderful grandparents caved when I asked them to take care of her while I lived at home. I would take Miko with me when I went to school. I’ve snuck her into residence and my wonderful landlord has graciously permitted her presence on his property.

They’re MY jeans now.

I know my grandparents are attached to her, though – she greets them with her tail up when they come home as she does for me. And of course, she’s wonderful for companionship (my grandpa holds regular conversations with her), despite her lack of obvious affection (definitely not a lap cat at all). And of course, she’s claimed my grandma’s favourite chair as her own.

Sometimes I wonder if I will be able to take Miko with me when I finally move out and get a place of my own. I think part of me will be reluctant to take her away from my grandparents. I’m not entirely sure how they would feel. My grandmother says Miko is trouble, but she also knows Miko is very attached to her and she pets her when she comes to greet her. She holds affection for Miko, I’m sure – because she also talks about how smart Miko is (pawing at her to get her attention – “Clean my litterbox, I just pooped”).

Probably a question with varying opinions, but do you think children should grow up with pets? Would you allow your children to have pets?

I wonder what it would’ve been like to grow up like this:

Biggest “‘D’AWWWWWWWWWW” moment ever.

(Image source:;


Also: Let’s drink to a good cause!

Drink and be merry!

Time to stock your bar!! Flat Roof Manor will be donating 50 cents per bottle of their Pinot Grigio and Merlot sold at LCBO locations across Ontario from April 1st to April 18th to Toronto Cat Rescue!

Makes a great wine for Easter dinner, or to bring as a hostess gift!

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17 thoughts on “Miko’s Monday: Growing up with pets + Wine for kitties

  1. I had pets growing up and they were a part of the family. When I moved away for college and couldnt take my cat, I was devastated. He eventually passed away. I didn’t have a pet for some time. We now have our awesome Jake and he is just like one of the kids.

    • That’s one of the things I’m already hesitant about – how am I going to deal with losing her? I am very lucky not to have lost anyone yet and still have all my grandparents. I can’t even imagine how I’ll deal with any of it when the time comes…

  2. Awwwwwwws!!!!!! I wish I grew up like that too!!! And Miko is adorable! ❤ I want a kitty! And a few dogs too while I'm at it!

    • Me too! I want cats and dogs when I can get them 🙂 I keep going back and forth between number and breeds and adoption… I haven’t even decided on the maximum number of pets I’m going allow myself 😛

  3. I always wanted a cuddy pet 😦 I’m thinking about it after I graduate and move out or something! Your cat and the hamster is adorable! Omg I can’t believe your parents don’t know!

    • That was my plan: getting pets after I had a place of my own. But then I met Miko while I was feeding kittens at the humane society – I just couldn’t not take her home! Leaving her there was an unthinkable option, so I begged my grandmother to help keep my secret. She is an amazing woman.

  4. I was in the same boat growing up, my father and sister were extremely allergic to fur. We had lots of fish and occasionally turtles and frogs and things like that but nothing that you could cuddle with! Before I moved to San Francisco I was taking care of my sister’s dog while she was overseas for a year and a half and I was living with roommates that had 2 cats and 4 dogs! There was always something warm and furry to cuddle and play with and I was in heaven! Unfortunately I can’t have any pets in my apartment here 😦

    • Allergies can’t be helped 😦 A year and a half is a long time to be overseas – you must have developed quite a bond with her dog 🙂 Wherever I end up living, it will definitely have to be a pet-friendly place!

      • Yes, she is in the National Guard and was stationed in Iraq. Me and that little puppy (Lupi) were very very close! So close in fact that my sister said I should just keep her when she came back but then I decided to move so Little Lupi is back with her momma. I’m really itching to move now. I want two dogs! My BF says no dogs but after being deprived my whole life I won’t have it any other way! When we do eventually move I most definitely will have at least one dog!

      • I’m sure that once you bring one home, he’ll be converted in no time 😉 Hope that you get your four-legged friend soon!

  5. i was never allowed to have pets for “responsibility” reasons… and because we travelled so much. my parents got my brother and i little water turtles, but they weren’t really the pets i wanted… they were cute and everything, but we ended up bringing them back to the store. horrible, i know, but we didn’t know better…
    i made a deal with my parents when i was 11, that if i got all As and Bs at school, they would let me have a hamster. i did, and they did 😀 it was awesome, i loved that hamster to bits, and took care of it single handedly! for the 3 years it lived, i really proved to my parents that i could be responsible and not shy away from work related to a pet.
    my life’s dream is to have a dog, but since i still travel very often, went to university, and now work, i simply don’t have enough time for a dog, and it would be unfair to get one just because i want one. so i have cats instead, which are the perfect pet for working folk, as they require less attention than a dog, but are still cuddly lovebugs 😀

    • It’s definitely good to start small – hamster responsibilities are definitely less hefty than those of a cat or a dog! I had always wanted one too as a kid since it was so small and took up little room. My parents have an aversion to rodents though haha (not surprising). Cats are lower maintenance than dogs are but still wonderful companions 🙂 Hope you will have the opportunity to have a dog of your own!

  6. i think kids should have pets, only if the parents want them too, because especially when they are young, or with a pet like a cat or dog, that live longer and require constant care, kids will eventually tire of the responsibility, and it will be left to the parents.

  7. I know riiiight! My story’s similar. My mother never even wanted me to take the class bird home on weekends (I think a couple of my teachers had class pets, and people could take turns taking them home on weekends. Mum NEVER said yes to that)! I found Tango, and managed to persuade her that I’d give him away once he’s toilet-trained and all that. Somehow she grew really attached though! So don’t worry, I’m sure your parents will too. What I’ve learnt in my life is that whoever makes the rules breaks them. My boyfriend was the one who made the “no cats in the bedroom” rule, and he was the one who threw it completely out of the windows!

    • Haha Miko is always in my bedroom because that’s where I always am when I come home! I do try to enforce the “no Miko on my bed” rule though. She’s learned after I come to remove her every time I find her laying on my bed grooming herself and getting ready for a catnap. When I go to sleep though, the rule no longer applies and she jumps up to curl up next to my leg – she probably knows that I’m too tired by then to kick her off haha.

  8. Great post! been in the same situation! I was so pissed on Santa for not bringing me a puppy! But now I have it! It took 17 and 1/2 years to have the possibility of adopting a dog! But guess what? Now my mom adores him more than I do :))

    • Once you have them in your life, it’s impossible not to get attached! I’m so glad that you finally have a dog of your own and that he’s loved by everyone 🙂

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