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March 2012 Glossybox: Worth the wait?


I have so much to share: my Sephora VIB haul yesterday,  and my first Canadian Glossybox and my first haul just arrived today. Better take this one step at a time!

First things first: check out my research on Canadian beauty boxes if you’d like details and comparisons of the 4 current Boxes available!

Here’s the March 2012 Glossybox – they had a bit of a hiccup processing this month’s Box, which normally should have turned me off, but I had a little more faith in them. But it’s finally here!

I must admit I was full of anticipation for this box, especially since their reason for the delay had been trying to get some of the samples through customs.  So I was expecting some good goodies 🙂

The pale pink box is a bit larger than the Glymm box (March 2012  box here) but a lot sturdier. The packaging is very nicely done, as well. Upon unwrapping, there was a black envelope with:

  1. sample info card – I’m not sure if the prices listed are in CAD, but I will assume they are
  2. Sebastian Professional product info booklet
  3. Pandora’s Makeup Box 40% off coupon for Glossybox clients

I’m giving away the surprise, aren’t I? Here they are, then:

My first impression: holy moly look at the size of those products! It was certainly an impressive spread at first glance. This Glossybox certainly has quite a bit of substance to it.

Left to right:

1. ALGEMARIN foam bath

This seems to be some sort of luxurious bubble bath. I hate packets – there’s just no practical way to store what you haven’t used. There’s 15 mL of product, but 5 x 5 mL packets only cost $3.99, with 500 mL at $17.99 and 750 mL at $23.95. This is the extra 6th sample though, and I love bubble baths so I can’t deny I’d love to try this.

2. PANDORA’S blush-  St. Tropez (4 g)

Oh. My. The packaging is very fun and cute – I honestly wouldn’t have picked this up if I saw it in store. It makes it look like something drugstore-quality, or more suitable for preteens playing with makeup. However, apparently PANDORA’S Makeup Box products are designed for professional use – pigmented and long-lasting. Knowing this only makes it more appealing (the packaging is key, folks!).

I felt like it deserved its own close-ups.

St. Tropez is a rich, matte peachy-pink. At least I think it’s peachy. It looks darker than theBalm’s Hot Mama blush, which is the only blush I actually use, and not quite so peachy as that one, I guess. Maybe it’s more of a rose colour, then. Actually, their website just says “the perfect pink blush”. I can’t wait to try this out!

PANDORA’S Makeup Box is a new makeup brand developed by a Canadian makeup artist who owns a cosmetic studio in Toronto. (Hooray, another Canadian brand!) I could be wrong, but I believe the blush I received is full-sized, which retails for $18. Is 4 g of product normal for a full-sized blush?  Check out their website!

3. BAILEY Cosmetics Fresh Lip Gloss in BERRY or PINK (8 g)

Here’s another full-sized sample which retails for $28.

Nice and sleek packaging. Although at first glance, I may just mistake this for a mascara, if not for…

…the cute little window on the back of the gloss! So I would hazard to say that I got the pink gloss, as opposed to the berry 😛 I can’t wait to try this one out, either. I think I’ve said that for each of the 3 items so far…!

4. Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion (71 mL)

Less fanfare here. My sister uses this moisturizer, and I know a few of my friends use Aveeno body lotions as well. I used to use one of their body lotions – I think it had soy extracts – but it has long since been discontinued and I haven’t used any since. Regardless, Aveeno seems to be quite a good go-to moisturizer, and this is a travel-size product (I saw it at Loblaws for $3.99). 354 mL retails for $11.99

5. Evian Brumisateur Facial Spray (50 mL)

I always thought Evian was just the brand of natural spring water – which tastes good and is nicely packaged, I must say. I have never tried facial water sprays, and feel that they are a bit gimmicky (I once made fun of my mom for buying Avene water spray – I pointed out to her that we have plenty of water if she’d like to turn on the tap). However, WithLoveShmon seems to have had a good experience with La Roche Posay’s Thermal Spring Water (which I also got from a GWP but haven’t used it yet), so I’m happy to have the incentive to finally try it out for myself. This 50 mL canister retails for $7; 150 mL for $12.50; and 300 mL for $17.50

6. Sebastian Re-Shaper Hairspray (43 g)

I have never used hairspray on myself, ever.  I’ve tried it, but I just don’t know how it works. My mother would though, she’s a hairdresser. So I’ve never gone out of my way to purchase hairspray. I’m glad that I did get this sample, because again, here’s incentive to try it out! Sebastian Professional is a salon-exclusive brand – you need to locate a salon in you area that carries them via their website. This 43 g canister retails for $19.95

So, despite the late delivery, I am very happy with the March 2012 Canadian Glossybox. It was definitely worth the wait, and I’m pretty glad I placed my faith in the right place. I can’t wait to try all of these products – this doesn’t happen often with a batch of samples that I receive at random. I like this Box better than I did February’s, as well – judging only from the products received.

All of these products were ample-sized: either full-sized or a travel-size available for purchase as well. Everything in this Box excites me (I’m not easy to please haha), even the Aveeno lotion which despite it being a drugstore brand, I know it’s a good quality. Hope that Glossybox keeps up the good work!

Glossybox is a $15 CAD monthly subscription for 5-6 deluxe samples. You can collect Glossydots to redeem free Boxes. If you would like to subscribe to Glossybox, please do so as my referral!

Check out some other bloggers’ March Glossyboxes: Viva La Makeup (who got BAILEY’s lip gloss in Berry) and Gagan (who got BAILEY’s Duo Foundation Powder instead!)

What do you think of my March Glossybox? Are you subscribed to Glossybox? What did you get?

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Author: pearlessence

She who loves shopping, baking, gaming, and all things Disney! All on a student's meager budget :)

57 thoughts on “March 2012 Glossybox: Worth the wait?

  1. Oh my! What a fantastic box full of goodies! This is bad news for my credit card bill, I think I may be subscribing sooner rather than later!

    • Hooray! At least Glossybox is one of the better deals, price-wise. I’m definitely pleased about the size of the samples, though! Hope Glossybox keeps it up and doesn’t disappoint 🙂

  2. wow! these are pretty much full sized products! it must be so exciting to get a pkg in the mail of all thoses goodies?
    we have a service like glossybox in canada called loosebuttons luxebox. i did not really like it.. the products were irrelevant to my and they were all tiny! one thing i liked was a perfume sample.
    ps. thanks for the mention 🙂

  3. Do you have to live in Canada to get it?

    • Glossybox is available in many different countries, but the Canadian Glossybox is only available in Canada, UK only in UK, etc.

      Where are you from? I know Glossybox is currently in UK, Australia, Japan, South Korea, India, and Canada for sure, and set to release in the US soon. I don’t know how many other countries they’ve reached, but I’m sure it could be looked up! Seems they want to be all over the world 🙂

  4. I love how they make you do up a beauty profile first so they can figure out what to send to people . Its nice to not all get the same items!!
    If you guys are thinking about signing up for Glossy Box I have a promo code that will get you 10% off your first box just type in GLOSSY5 at checkout.

  5. That looks amazing! So much better than Birchbox and their tiny tiny samples! Maybe I’ll get this when it is released in the US!

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  7. Wow! Awesome products. Looking forward to their US debut!

  8. Wow everything looked great! So what is the the evian water suppose to be used for? Setting make-up or freshining up? I’ve seen them around but honestly thought they were a waste of money haha

    • I know, I thought they were a huge gimmick and a waste of money too haha. On the Glossybox info card, it says: “Evian’s facial spray rehydrates dull, tired skin, and is great for setting and renewing your makeup throughout the day, keeping you looking fresh, healthy and beautiful.”

      The canister itself says: “Used daily, Evian Facial Spray increases your skin hydration, helps to fix your make-up and offers you constant freshness and purity. Use several times a day. Wait a few moments and gently dab away.”

      Another blogger was instructed to use the La Roche Posay water spray before her moisturizer. I think it’s mostly for hydration and refreshing, as well as soothing your skin temporarily.

      • Oh wow good to know! I ahve a make-up setting spray that is also a toner and was always curious if the evian was the same but I like the whole hydration thing, hmmm maybe I’ll give it a try haha

      • I’d love to know how it works for you – I don’t usually wear a full face of makeup so I’m not sure when I’m going to try this haha

  9. Omg! Everything looks so want-able! Love the sizes and the range of different products they gave you! Tempted to make the switch from Luxebox to this now, but I want to see what my April box is like since I got to choose a “fragrance free” box! If I sign up for Glossy Box I’ll use your referral for sure 😀

  10. Looks like it’s worth the wait! I like Aveeno (which is sadly unavailable here), and that blush is pretty!

  11. love the lipgloss and blush! The evian spray can come in handy too! 😀

  12. I had been wanting to give them a try and maybe I just will now!

  13. I really appreciate all the positive response to the PANDORA’S Makeup Box blush in St.Tropez, the perfect pink! I am the owner and creator so honesty is always welcome, yes you did receive a full size 4gram size valued at $18.00 and it can be refilled with your Glossybox Promotional Code at 40% off as well as any other purchase you might be pondering. I like to support other Canadian companies as well as supporters of the brand that have a love for makeup. 🙂 Susan

  14. I wish I had received the lip gloss instead if the foundation, both colours are so pretty! I was also happy with this months Glossybox they included some great products!!

  15. Thanks for sharing! You got some nice goodies, especially loving the blush. Very cute packaging. I’ve thought about trying the facial spray but like you thought it was gimmicky. Do tell how it works for you!

  16. I received the same box as you, I love it. This was my first Glossy Box, I hope they continue with these awesome products.

  17. The Canadian version of the Glossy Box looks way better than the UK one!

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  19. I’ve never heard of glossy box, is it only in Canada? What’s the monthly fee?

    • Glossybox Canada was only launched in February 2012 and only ships within Canada, but Glossybox is available in many countries, such as UK, Australia, and Japan to name a few. Here are some of the website endings for the various Glossyboxes if you can recognize any of them:; .ca; .com;; .fr; .br;; .se; .jp. Where are you located? I know that Glossybox is coming to the US soon, as well!

      • Thanks I’m in the U.S. Ill do a little research.

      • Oops, I completely forgot to answer your other question haha. Glossybox costs $15 CAD per month for 5-6 samples – tax and shipping included. You can collect Glossydots, a points system which you can redeem for free Boxes 🙂

        I believe several beauty boxes in the US right now include Birchbox and MyGlam.

  20. I have no idea whether shipping abroad is available but this is my idea of pressie heaven, both to give and receive 🙂

    • Haha it’s definitely lovely to receive a little something in the mail every month! Where are you from? Companies usually tend to ship only nationally, but there are lots of beauty box services in various countries that I know of 🙂

      • I’m from England. Maybe I’ll check out the company but first I’ll have to justify to my pay-check on why I deserve a treat;)

      • Haha I understand what you mean! Glossybox has been around in the UK for much longer than in Canada though, so you’ll be all set if you decide to begin! I’m pretty sure there are other beauty box companies there, too 🙂 Wonder how they differ between countries…!

      • I’ve just checked out the site. It’s clearly a beauty addicts dream. I’m kinda put off by having to commit to the monthly subscription fee as my earnings change, even though I probably save more in the long run and receive an indulgent monthly treat

      • I’m not sure if it’s the same for you, but all beauty boxes here in Canada can be cancelled at any time. So if you choose, you could sign up for one Box and then cancel before the next one is charged. That way it will always be up to you whether or not you want to receive one for the month!

      • Thanks for the info – I will look into it. Last time I check out your blog though – you’ll make me bankrupt 😉

      • 😦 That’s not a good reason to run away! If anything, just indulge in reading 🙂

      • It’s okay – I have willpower – 🙂

  21. Ahhh GlossyBox is fantastic.. Actually waiting for my April box right now 🙂 If any of your readers is interested in signing up, they can save 10% ($1.50) off their first box when they use promo code GLOSSY27

  22. Pingback: April 2012 Glossybox: Late! | pearlessence

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