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March Glossybox update and upcoming Beauty Swap!


MARCH 30 UPDATE: Just got my Glossybox and I’m very happy with it! Check it out here!

So it’s the 3rd week of March, and I’m sure all Glossybox subscribers (myself included) are wondering why we haven’t received a shipping notification email yet.

Glossybox just recently launched in Canada, with the very first Box released just last month for February. Knowing that Glossybox has a pretty extensive international reputation, as well as pretty decent samples in their Boxes, I was excited for the Canadian launch. (For the first time, we have something before the US does! *gasp* Coming to the States  soon, though!) The 6 samples in the February Glossybox seemed great, too, so I subscribed. Check out my Canadian Beauty Box research post to learn more.

I wasn’t worried enough to contact Glossybox, but there seem to have been many subscribers that did. I opened my inbox to find an email from Glossybox:

I noted before that Glossybox did indeed indicate on their site that the Boxes would be shipped on “at the beginning of the month”. It seems they have updated that statement, since obviously the March Glossybox still has not been shipped out yet.

I just want to stress that I fully understand that I’m not blaming Glossybox for the delay. They have just started out, after all, and it’s only their 2nd box. And honestly? I know firsthand that Customs can be a pain. A big, big pain. So I can sympathize with their situation – it’s not their fault. I’m sure they’re probably panicking because they’re disappointing customers so early in their business launch. There are other beauty boxes to compete with, after all. I am glad that they have told us what’s going on, though, for peace of mind. At least I know that they’re working on the issue. And it was a nice surprise that they’re trying to compensate by offering Glossydots (which are redeemable for free Glossyboxes).

Don’t worry, Glossybox, I’m still here, and I will wait.

On to more exciting news, blissno9 approached me last week about doing an international beauty swap! We will be looking for products for each other according to budget and mailing the package when we have put it together (and hopefully receive it at about the same time haha. But you know Customs. If you don’t, I do.). I will be shopping for her this week and will be trying to incorporate some Canadian brands for her that I can find within budget.

Yaaaay goodies! Courtesy of Wikipedia.

I am very excited about this – getting beauty samples in the mail is one thing, but knowing you’ll be getting some good stuff from a fellow beauty blogger is quite another.

Canadians, be proud of your cosmetic companies!

  1. MAC
  2. CoverFX
  3. Cargo
  4. Annabelle
  5. Marcelle
  6. Quo
  7. Inglot
  8. Beaute Cosmetics
  9. Lise Watier
  10. Vasanti Cosmetics
  11. Balmshell
  12. FACEatelier
  13. Nacara
  14. Indulge Cosmetics
  15. Joe Fresh
  16. Revolution
  17. Natural Beauty
  18. Outside/In Cosmetics
  19. SunCoat
  20. Pure Anada
  21. Buff’d Cosmetics
  22. Bellaphoria
  23. Bourjois
  24. Sheriff Cosmetics
  25. Gosh

Granted, I haven’t heard of some of these before, and I know some are fairly new. I think I’ve only tried about 5/25 – and only one or two items from each. But it’s still nice to know and support!


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Author: pearlessence

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29 thoughts on “March Glossybox update and upcoming Beauty Swap!

  1. So awesome I really wanna do a beauty swap with someone! 🙂 you’ve totally inspired me for my next post

  2. Ooh GlossyBox looks nice. My Luxebox just got shipped recently 😀 Maybe I’ll try GlossyBox after I get bored of LuxeBox.
    Hm, I only tried MAC. Quo, and Joe Fresh. Joe Fresh is SO cheap as its sold in our superstore.

    • I’m going to have to check out your Luxe Boxes as they come in, and see what I’m missing 😛

      What have you tried from Quo and Joe Fresh? My experience is limited, but I liked what I tried. 🙂

      • Quo brushes are pretty awesome! They’re always 40% off at Shoppers too, and just their beauty tools. Joe Fresh also has affordable brushes, and their blush/lip products are pretty nice too, and cheap! I didn’t try much either actually haha.
        Hopefully this month I get a good LuxeBox! I wanted topbox, but I’m on waitlist 😦

      • That reminds me that I should check out SDM’s flyer to see if there are any better deals so that I can get goodies for less! I’ve actually never tried Quo, although I’ve always wanted to. I like Joe Fresh brushes too, and some of their lipsticks look so nice!

        Haha I’m on the Topbox waitlist too 😛 They didn’t tell me how long it would be, just that they would send me an email when it’s available… Latecomers 😦 I never learn of these things early enough!

      • I know 😦 I’ve been on the waitlist for so long I only remember it exists when I see a review. The box shape looks interesting.
        Yeah I love shoppers when on sale! But when it’s not on sale its so much more expensive than other places.

      • Yeah! SDM is only ever worth it on sale. Otherwise, Walmart and Loblaws are the way to go haha

      • I don’t have a Loblaws here 😦 We only have a superstore which I think is similar! The closest Walmart is half an hour drive from my house too 😦

      • Wow, how’d you get Joe Fresh things if there’s no Loblaws? As far as I know it was a brand launched for Loblaws. The superstore sounds like it could be less expensive though lol

      • We have a “Great Canadian Superstore” – I THINK it may be owned by Loblaws too? I guess they must be the same if they both carry Joe Fresh!

      • Hm. I just looked it up:

        “Our corporate-owned store banners include Atlantic Superstore, Dominion (in Newfoundland and Labrador), Extra Foods, Loblaws, Loblaw Greatfood, Maxi, Maxi & Cie, Provigo, Real Canadian Superstore, Loblaw Superstore, T&T Supermarket and Zehrs.”

        Colour me surprised!

      • T&T too! Interesting haha! I guess superstore is the same thing :p

      • You didn’t know? Loblaws bought T&T a good while back. Whatever, as long as you get the stuff, it’s all good!

  3. Ah, I’m happy at least Glossybox is trying to make up for the delay with some points! Can’t wait to see the goodies though!

    And yesss I love international swaps! It has given me many opportunities to try different stuff. I’ve tried about 4 brands out of the 25. Some of them have their labs in Canada I believe (like MAC. Inglot is actually Polish and Gosh is Danish I think)? I’ve heard fabulous things about some Marcelle products (including an eye makeup remover that is supposed to strengthen your lashes. Hey, my lashes could always use some strengthening haha), so that’s also on my to-try list now *nudges* lol

    Do keep us posted about how the swap turns out xx

    • I know for sure MAC originated in Canada (according to Wikipedia lol), but I”m not so sure about Inglot and Gosh – I found a list mostly on someone else’s blog. Inglot is near-impossible to find where I am though, but I do see Gosh all the time.

      Marcelle’s makeup remover is gentle and effective, though I’m not sure if I’ve tried the lash-lengthening one. I’ve used some of their skincare stuff and I like it, too.

      One swap at a time! Haha I’m a little anxious about how many item’s I’ll be able to get within budget and shipping and whatnot. I’m completely new to this beauty swap thing, I had no idea people did this 😛 Will definitely share! 🙂

  4. DAH! so excited!! 😀

  5. Vasanti is an indian brand in’t it. well it is an indian name at any cost. 😛 ‘ve been hoping to do an international swap but then there are hardly any good cosmetics available in india. :-/

  6. Inglot is canadian?! Why can’t I find it anywhere in Canada…. WHATTT!

  7. I love that you are showing glossybox love! They are about to launch in the us and i’m dying to try them. It’s nice that you are being patient and kind to them! I’ll bet their products rock. Cant wait to see a review when you do get it!

    • It’s mostly because I know that customs can really be irritatingly unpredictable. And it’s not as if they aren’t intending to send it out – it’s just expected to be late. I’m just hoping this won’t be happening every month!

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  9. Hey guys if you are interested in trying out the GlossyBox they are still accepting subscriptions and I have a promo code that will get you 10% off of your first box. Type in GLOSSY5 at checkout to receive your discount!!!

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