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Miko’s Monday: Why pets make your life better


A bit of a rant today.

I hate it when my friends cancel on me.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand when something important comes up. Like having your relatives over for a surprise visit. Or suddenly your mother gets angry with you. Or your dog got hit by a car. Or you have to take your grandpa to the hospital.

And once in a while, it’s okay if you forgot that you had a huge assignment due the next day that you haven’t started, or that you didn’t finish your work in time before our date.

What I don’t like is when you make a date with me, then cancel a few hours before. Then you change your mind and decide you can afford meet me after all. Only when I show up at your door, you’re in your house-clothes and tell me you have too much work to do.

I spent 3 hours making cookies for my friend today for his birthday. He made dinner plans with me, then cancelled while I was halfway through prepping and had already burned my finger – I’m talking red bubbly blistering pain that refuses to be ignored. I was completely bummed out, since another friend (more on her next) had cancelled on me on Friday. So I made plans with angelandthings, but then he said he’d join us. When I showed up at his door to drop off the cookies – there he was in his pajamas, with “too much work to do to go out.”

Okay, that’s not too bad. At least he knew he was leaving me with company. And it’s pretty infrequent. But I did burn myself for him. And delivered to his door after slaving 3 hours. But he receives me in his pajamas. I’m quite disappointed in him.

What’s unacceptable is when my friend (aforementioned girl) makes plans with me and only carries through half the time. When I text her the day of to confirm what time we’re meeting up, I get: “OH SHIT I’m sorry I have something else I need to do.” This is after I’ve already gotten ready to go out. And I hadn’t defrosted anything for dinner.

What?! You make plans with me, make plans over me, and then forget to tell me you’d done so?


And she does this almost every other time we make plans. Which is already quite seldom. Don’t I feel important.

I understand how busy you can get with school. I really, really do. I also seldom have time to hang out. But if I don’t have time for you, I say so. And I don’t make plans with you in the first place. I certainly wouldn’t forget about you.

Miko makes everything better. Because she’s always at home waiting for me. Because she always comes to greet me at the door. Because she likes to be near me and know where I am. Because she makes circles around my legs. Because she knows I feed her, and I’m important because of that. And she dissolves all my anger and resentment.

I think I’m a happier and better person when I have Miko to care for. She soothes my inner turmoil.

Perfectly balanced on the oddest perches.


My grandma says that people who have pets are more caring and considerate, are happier and more satisfied with life, and also have a better psyche. Or even just something to take care of – whether animal, fish, or plant. It gives you peace of mind.

Would you agree?


Author: pearlessence

She who loves shopping, baking, gaming, and all things Disney! All on a student's meager budget :)

13 thoughts on “Miko’s Monday: Why pets make your life better

  1. Awwww the pictures are too adorable! Especially the 2nd one! And hey you know I won’t cancel on you :p Feel betterrr! Don’t let things like that bum you out too much! There are too many good things out there for you to spend your time getting bummed by people that make you upset!

    We will go for frozen yogurt again! 😀 Food cures all sadness right… and shopping!

    • Oh I was feeling better already when we made dinner plans because I know you wouldn’t unless you can 😛 Frozen yogurt is delicious!

      Just wanted to emphasize that I’ve had shitty days and coming home to Miko always made me feel better 🙂

  2. Cute kitty! I know how you feel. I’m pretty much the organiser of events for one of my groups of friends, and what a huge pain in the butt it is to find a date AND time that suits everyone. Plus a place that they all like.

    • Being in charge is always tough, because you’re taking on a responsibility that others don’t want or don’t appreciate. Someone will always find a way to be unavailable. 😦 Good luck with that!

  3. i’ve had such things happen to me too many times already. I’ve given up on said people. Friendships go both ways, so invest your time in friends who respect your time.

    • I’ve another friend whom I’m always calling out. The last time we hung out, he third-wheels me and spent the entire time cozying up with his girlfriend. I’ve put up with a lot from him, but I’ve since stopped calling him out.

      Sometimes I feel like I’m being a better friend than I’m getting in return.

      Don’t you miss them at all?

  4. Miko is precious. Furbabies bring love so much love and affection in our lives for those of us that do realize the importance of having them. It is scientifically proven that animals in our lives diminish our stress and improve our health in that manner. Stress can cause so many health concerns. Karma may take awhile to happen but I have witnessed too many times in my life what comes around goes around. The Karma returned may not center from you but it will come back to a person. Do not add this stress and hurt on your shoulders, release it, move on, and next time focus on a activity with someone who has always made time for you whenever possible. That person is the true friend you want in your life and will be there for you when you need someone.

    • Thank you for your words of wisdom – you’re right, it’s not worth stressing over. It’s important to keep those who haven’t let you down. I haven’t yet seen any karma repercussions though, personally. But pets are always a source of comfort for those of us who are fortunate enough to have experienced their company. 🙂

  5. Eee I’m so sorry to hear your friends did that! It’s so unacceptable 😦

    I LOVE the picture of you and Miko. I don’t have a lot of pictures with me and Tango or Muffin, because not so many people have the patience to manipulate a camera for me lol

    I agree that pets make life better (though I have to remind myself of that when they start whining out of boredom/hunger at 7 lol). On a bad day, they could be all I have to keep me going, and I really appreciate that 🙂

    • Yeah, I just had to rant because it was two occasions in such close proximity. I’ve had worse things happen but I’d still welcomed them back if they wanted to be back.

      It was just actually a lucky shot – Miko doesn’t like to be held so it’s hard to get pictures with her without her moving around trying to get away. My boyfriend just happened to be holding a camera haha.

      They give and take – as I’m sure they’re glad we care for them but at the same time feel we can be suffocating sometimes too 😛 Especially since cats have such personalities!

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