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Yves Rocher haul: botanical beauty


I’ve been a very bad girl.

I know my bank account is almost empty (I’m looking at you, Potential Summer Job: please replenish my funds). And yet I really can’t help myself. Especially when I get deals like this delivered straight to my Inbox, which is open whenever my browser is open. And that’s open whenever my computer’s on. And that’s whenever I’m home and not sleeping. In fact, I keep my computer on when I’m out and when I’m sleeping sometimes – it’s terrible for my decade-old laptop, I know that already too.

So here was the deal: $5 off with a $25 CAD order with free shipping. Plus a free weekender bag (or a free nourishing shampoo, free intense look duo, or 3 trees planted) with every order. Plus a free contemporary cuff watch with a $45 order.

Oh, and most of the items were around 50% off, give or take some. How can even a shopaholic-in-denial deny such an offer?

I obviously met my $25 quota, but I didn’t go so far as to buy $45 worth of stuff. I was actually pretty close, though. Now that I think about it, why didn’t I spend that extra few bucks? I could’ve gotten another mask. Damn.

Check out my haul:

Left to right:

  1. Cool Moisture Mask with pure grape juice
  2. 2 in 1 Post-Waxing Moisturizer
  3. Morrocan Clay Mask for face and hair
  4. Botanical Purifying Peel-Off Mask
  5. Fresh Mask with lemon zest

Some of these probably aren’t suitable for my skin type – like the purifying and lemon masks, and possibly the clay mask as well. I knew that my sister would probably be pleased with the purifying mask though. They all sound really great, though!

Yves Rocher is a brand where all active ingredients come from plants. For the past 50 years, Yves Rocher harvested their own organically grown plants, extracting ingredients to make products in their own factories, and distribute their products without a intermediaries. They’re also very pro-nature – a tree will be planted for certain products purchased. Their current goal is to have 50 million trees planted, and they are currently just over 17.5 million. Pretty noble and impressive company intentions, don’t you think?

Back in highschool, Yves Rocher was the first and the only beauty store I bought products from. I never bought anything from The Body Shop because just walking by the front entrance was a challenge – the smells coming from The Body Shop were always too overwhelming for me. The prices were also way out of my measly budget. Fruits & Passion was also very intimidating, as there was usually a painting of a nude woman at the front entrance. Somehow I got the feeling that the atmosphere in those stores was very oppressive. I felt very pressured to buy something, and usually that just made me hightail it out as quickly as possible.

Yves Rocher was bright and illuminated. The store always looked clean and items weren’t crammed together as to be overwhelming. The salesladies always seemed very professional – I only later realized that it was because Yves Rocher also offers spa services. I’ve never tried any myself, but I loved their Les Plaisirs body washes and lotions – they all smelled fruity! There was coconut, mango, vanilla, apricot, pear… so delicious! But the smells were never so overpowering that I would cough when I smelled the products. So any products I bought were usually the shower gels and body lotions. I’ve used up a good number of them, too. The shower gels smelled great and were non-irritating – I used them as a shaving gel, as well. The body lotions were moisturizing without feeling heavy. I can’t stress enough how good everything smelled! I even bought their body sprays, but later realized I didn’t necessarily want to walk around all day smelling like a pear.

Here’s the packaging (except in English) of the products I remember and love – apparently they’ve changed their packaging. That’s how long it’s been. I also don’t recognize any of the new scents – I’ll have to check them out again next time I’m in a store.

What made me keep going back to Yves Rocher was the monthly coupons they used to send me in the mail. There are often free gifts with purchases, and sometimes you get to scratch and get more discounts. It was very appealing for my teenage budget. Free stuff, discounts, and nice people 🙂

I have long since stopped buying things from Yves Rocher and started using drugstore shower gels. After all, they’re available in every drugstore, supermarket, Walmart… and a fraction of the price. Ever since Bath & Body Works opened in Canada, it’s also been more economical to buy from there. I actually only bought some candles and their lip balm for myself – others were gifts from friends. Everything else I’ve bought from B&BW has been gifts for others. Not to mention, B&BW has been inserted into every mall I frequent. Every. Single. One.

Crabtree & Evelyn is also a recent discovery – my first purchase was only two months ago. My jojoba oil product reviews are long overdue… So many products, not enough body surface area to use them on!

Looking at the new things I ordered and re-familiarizing myself with the history of Yves Rocher makes me remember why I’d loved it so long ago. This may just be the push I needed to rediscover my love of Yves Rocher. In fact, I think I’ll stop by next time I pass it at the mall.

By the way, here’s the free weekender bag I received. It is huge – easily twice the width of my backpack – and super light.

Pink and grey bag – it’s empty, which is why it looks so wrinkled from being folded

I still have a lot of other masks I’m cycling through right now, but I can’t wait to get started on one of the Yves Rocher ones. I need to stop hauling and do more reviewing!

Still, absolutely no regrets here!


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8 thoughts on “Yves Rocher haul: botanical beauty

  1. I love Bath and Body Works coupons. They have the same type of coupons that you say Yves Rocher had.

    • I know that B&BW always has coupons and offers too, but Yves Rocher was my first love, I guess 😛 We didn’t have B&BW in Canada until less than a handful of years ago. For some reason, I never feel as compelled to buy things from B&BW as I did with YR. And B&BW doesn’t have as many fruity smells – in particular apricot and pear 🙂

  2. Haha, Yves Rocher is BIG here, and I use their body wash all the time! With all the coupons it’s actually cheaper than supermarket stuff, but it’s gentle and it smells good! I love that vanilla thing too, but I think they’ve changed packaging since then 🙂

    • I’m definitely going to have to check it out again next time I run into a store. I’m reminiscing about the apricot shower gel especially hahaha 🙂 Have you used anything other than the body wash?

  3. I did a review not that long ago about Yves Rocher’s Rinsing Vinegar. I love that stuff and will be buying another bottle soon. Have you ever used the hair masks before? If so, how do you like them?

    • I haven’t used anything but their shower gels and body lotions – that’s all I knew of beauty back when I was in grade school! I’ve never tried any sort of hair mask before, actually – I’m just starting to use face masks regularly. Shameful, I know 😛

  4. I’m currently using Yves Rocher Cleanser and Toner. The product is really mild and smells great.

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