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Skin79 VIP Gold Collection Super Plus BB Cream Review


The review I’ve put off for far too long: Skin79’s VIP Gold Collection Super Plus BB Cream.

The BB is supposed to stand for blemish balm, but I have no idea why Skin79 insists on calling their BB creams “Beblesh Balm”. I thought it was pretty funny at first, as a very typical spelling mistake that I often see on Asian products. So techinically, this is Skin79’s VIP Gold Collection Super+ Beblesh Balm.

If you don’t know what a BB cream is, check out my post on what they are. In a nutshell, a BB cream is an all-in-one skincare product with various functions such as coverage, sun protection, moisturizing properties, oil control, and wrinkle prevention, depending on the BB cream you choose.

This was the first BB cream I’d ever purchased after doing a boatload of research last year. I’d finally found a store where I could buy BB creams without having to order them online. I managed to find Skin79, Skinfood, and Missha BB creams at various stores in Pacific Mall. I bought the Skin79 VIP Gold at a store called Dream Star (corner of Hollywood Ave. and 18th St. in Pacific Mall) back in August 2011 – it had the lowest prices I came across in all the stores there and the guy let me try different Missha and Skin79 shades on the back of my hand.


Skin79’s VIP Gold Collection Super+ Beblesh Balm – 40 g

I love the packaging – a sleek, silver and gold cylindrical container with a pump dispenser. The white and black sticker on the back indicates the product’s authenticity. The pump is well designed, allowing you to control exactly how much product you want to dispense. Of course, pump dispensers are also hygienic. I have tossed this in my makeup bag while traveling without spillage occurring. The only downfall to the packaging is not being able to tell how much product is remaining in the container.

Unlike your typical moisturizer, the VIP Gold BB cream has quite a thick texture. The consistency is almost like a thick cream, yet still does not seem to spread as well as a thick night cream, which tends to be more emollient. Because of this, it makes it very easy to over-apply this product and hence giving yourself a very obvious greyish-white cast. It is best to apply a small bit on the back of the hand, and start spreading it thinly with your fingertips from the forehead down. It’s much more flattering with a light application, with layers on the areas you want extra coverage.

Here are comparisons between Skin79’s VIP Gold BB cream and Make Up For Ever’s HD Invisible Cover Foundation in 118, which is (supposedly) my shade. These were done on the back of my wrist, which tends to be lighter than my face colour.

As you can see, the consistency of the VIP Gold BB cream is much thicker than the MUFE HD but still blends out really nicely and melts into your skin.

As far as coverage goes, I would say that the VIP Gold BB cream is a sheer to light at most. I feel that it does even out my complexion, but doesn’t do very well at concealing my dark circles or any vivid red spots. It helps to minimize pore visibility, but it definitely wouldn’t cover heavy breakouts very well. I do apply an extra layer or two under my eyes and on any areas I have more discolouration. Some dry patches I have are visible, but that happens with pretty much any coloured product I use. I do love that it has a very natural, slight dewy finish such that the skin looks like it has a healthy glow. No shimmer, not overly dewy as to look oily. Just right. I believe that it also has good lasting power – I see colour on my Clarisonic when I wash my face at the end of the day (sometimes 16 hours later). But I wouldn’t be able to tell if it had faded because it’s not overly noticeable.



If you can’t read the captions, the pictures shown are: before application, after application, 30 min after application, and 6 hours after application. The only product I am wearing in the pictures is Skin79’s VIP Gold BB cream – no shadows, no concealers, no powders, no balms – nothing. Not even a moisturizer.

When I apply the BB cream, I do notice that it is slightly lighter than my skin tone. But as you can see, it melts into quite a natural finish. Again, this is providing that you don’t over-apply. You probably will, the first time around. And a couple of times after that. But you’ll figure it out, I promise 🙂

According to Skin79’s website, the VIP Gold BB cream:

  • is for dry/combination skin
  • has SPF protection
  • has whitening features
  • nourishes the skin
  • improves wrinkles

This is as opposed to the sister formulation, the Hot Pink Super Plus Beblesh Balm, which has the same features except is formulated for normal skin, and has sebum control instead of skin nourishment.

I have dry and sensitive skin but with an oily T-zone just the same. I still say dry instead of combination because I still have dry patches on my nose, despite it producing oil and me having blackheads. The VIP Gold BB cream has an SPF of 25 and a PA++ rating. It’s also supposed to contain gold and caviar extracts – which is where the nourishment comes in, I suppose. It’s not overly moisturizing, but enough for me to use as a daytime cream on it’s own. I can’t comment as to the nourishment and wrinkle improvement, as I am not at the age of wrinkle development (and it’s near impossible to tell whether products are actually preventing wrinkles anyway). I do feel that it evens out my skin tone and brightens my complexion. Although we do have to take into account that I have been steadily getting paler throughout the winter months, and am usually religious in the summer with sun protection to prevent burning. However, the VIP Gold doesn’t break me out or irritate my skin, either. My super sensitive eyes also don’t react too much to having it applied right under my eyes, nor do I get any milia formations.

Because it does contain SPF, flash photography will make you look ghastly. I have been recommended to dust some of my Bare Escentuals bareMinerals SPF15 Foundation over top to counteract the white cast. I haven’t tried it for flash photography, since I’d usually just skip the BB cream if I knew I’d be out taking pictures at night. You can also dust any powder, mineral foundation, blush, and bronzer to help with the overall look – it will make any greyish-white cast less obvious, or hardly noticeable. You can also use the BB cream as a primer and add foundation on top if you prefer, or add concealer for dark discolourations. I have also mixed this with my face cream during the harsh winter months to make it more moisturizing and more emollient, hence easier to spread.

As a side note, I really like the smell of this. It’s light and smells luxurious – I don’t know how else to describe it. But that’s a very personal preference anyway, and product scents usually fade quickly enough.

All in all, I think this is a great product for dry/combination (or perhaps even mature) skin if you are looking for light coverage with a natural, healthy finish. Definitely ideal for a no-makeup look.

Websites I have ordered from that stock Skin 79’s VIP Gold:

Websites I have seen recommended by others online that stock Skin79’s VIP Gold:

Happy shopping, and share your thoughts!


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21 thoughts on “Skin79 VIP Gold Collection Super Plus BB Cream Review

  1. I bought a mini set of travel size versions of 4 of their B.B. creams, but I haven’t tried them yet. I’m actually looking forward to trying this one now!

  2. This one is also one of my favorite BB Creams of all time! I love Skin79 products, looking to try some more, but the shipping is so annoying from Korea – it takes like 5 weeks! And your skin is beautiful, even before application 🙂

    • Aw, thank you! I actually just hide my dark circles by smiling 😛 and my skin gets red and scars really easily, just can’t see it in these pictures from my camera phone (thank goodness).

      Where are you located? I think The BB Cream Shop ships relatively quickly. It only took 2 weeks to get to Canada – my review if you’re interested:

      • I’m located in Los Angeles, and the one time I ordered from The BB Cream Shop, it arrived almost 2 months later 😦 The part that bugs me is the fact that there isn’t tracking on international orders so you don’t know when to expect them, but I generally use that carries a wide variety of brands and all for very competitive prices and usually arrives before the estimated delivery date. It also has some big sales during holiday seasons too (heads up!) 😀

      • The most unpredictable part of international shipping is usually customs – that could’ve contributed to the long wait. I will check out the link you gave, thanks for sharing! 🙂

  3. I have the skin79 mini sets in my cart at amazon…will probably order them soon. I’ve been using clinique’s bb cream for awhile and it works pretty good, but I love trying out new things. thanks for all the photos! 🙂

  4. I recently tried a Korean BB cream (Erborian) and I was also surprised by the texture! So super thick! I’m not a big fan of the grayish-white cast either. I think I’ll try it as a primer and see where that gets me.

    • I have never heard of Erborian lol I should check it out. It helps if you apply it really thin and if you brush powder/blush/bronzer on top if you choose. Let me know how it goes for you as a primer 🙂

  5. seems amazing and your skin looks great

  6. yaay! can’t wait to get mine in the mail! 🙂

  7. You go to Pacific Mall? I lived there as a teenager! I go once or twice a year now and stock up on goodies, ahaha! By far one of my favorite malls! You should check out “Wishtrend” they’re an online retailer that deals with some lesser known BB creams, but the efficacy of them is out of this world!

    • I hardly ever go to Pacific Mall because I hate battling the crowd and looking for parking 😛 But I do love that they have so many different things. I will definitely check it out, thanks for sharing! 🙂

  8. My every day face ‘foundation’ ❤
    I love this BB! I just did a review on it, check it out (:

  9. They call it beblesh cream because I think in Korea, there’s a copyright issue over the word ‘blemish’.

    I’m also thinking of getting Skin79’s VIP Gold BB Cream at Pacific Mall, since my skin seems to alter between oily and dry depending on the time of day. Would you recommend this to people who don’t regularly use makeup? I never wear makeup and I am pretty lazy when it comes to dealing with moisturizers+toners+other facial washes. I was hoping BB Cream would be a sort of substitute to having to use like five different products every night.

    • This BB cream is lightweight and sheer, so it’s good for someone who doesn’t use makeup regularly. It doesn’t look obvious, and is a good all-in-one product. However, it is definitely not for nighttime use because of its SPF protection. You still need a cleanser to wash this off at the end of the day.

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