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More ALDO boots and coupon codes


Remember when I was lamenting over these boots and how I’d refused to pay $170 CAD for them?

Stingle in black leather

Well, these black leather boots are sold out for sure, but yesterday afternoon I lucked out while I was aimlessly browsing ALDO online. They had the dark brown ones on sale for $119.98 CAD! I ordered them before I could re-think it. Which was a good thing, because I just checked now and they’re out of the dark brown. They still have the black suede ones for $59.99 and a light brown for $74.99 – neither in my size though.

Stingle in dark brown leather

Stingle in black suede and light brown leather

I placed the order yesterday afternoon, and today my order has been processed and shipped. ETA: Monday by the end of the day. ALDO works fast, as they have proven time and time again.

I have also been looking into getting myself a pair of rain boots. I remember as a too-cool teen (starting at 12 years old), I refused to wear boots. They were so un-cool. I would wear my running shoes out into 3 feet of snow and play tackle football with the boys, which inevitably ended up with all of us sitting in class in sopping wet jeans, socks, and shoes. And we’d do it all over again every recess, every lunch hour. Rain or shine, I would be in running shoes. Funny how I never noticed how uncomfortable it was to have wet feet every day for the entire day. This loyalty to running shoes lasted well through highschool, and even afterward. I’m still a fan of my Puma’s, I just actually own different types of shoes now.

I bought my first pair of winter boots in December 2008. Brown, detailing fur and laces, and a platform heel. They’re a smidgen small, as my feet hurt with prolonged wear. I think they were around $130 CAD, I don’t remember very well (probably because my mother paid for them). I bought my first leather boots in 2009 – a pair of dark brown synthetic boots that had a slightly elevated heel, for about $120 CAD from ALDO. You can kind of see them in my last post of my LUSH haul. The bottom and the heels are wearing out like crazy though. And they don’t keep water out at all.

Now, I’m actually envious when I see girls in rain boots. All I can think of is how dry and warm their toes must be, while the cold seeps into my shoes and boots. Now that I look back, it’s kind of funny because I wouldn’t have been caught dead in boots just a handful of years ago. My younger self amuses me.

Cavez in bone

I’m considering getting these rain boots for $60 CAD. I am contemplating waiting for them go to on sale. But perhaps the temptation of dry feet may prove too great – Springtime tends to be rainy, after all. Decisions, decisions…

I have also been lusting after thigh-high boots for a few months now. Unfortunately, they all seem to have been made for women with slimmer legs than I. I had to return a pair I’d ordered in the Fall because while I could just zip them up while wearing shorts, there was no way I could get even a pair of tights on inside the boots. *sigh*

I have also been intrigued by these boots ever since I saw them in the Fall:

Rosenblatt in dark brown and black

I actually think these look really cute. Suitable for colder weather, what with the treaded sole… except for the peep-toe. Why are these shoes fleece-lined but peep-toe? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of them keeping your feet warm? It seems pretty counter-productive to me. But at this price, I’m sincerely tempted to get them just to see for myself. ALDO has a great return policy, after all – I can return shoes in-store at any time as long as they are not worn outside. Which colour, though?

By the way, ALDO has a few limited offers again:

Oops, the free shipping code expired yesterday, but they offer free shipping for purchases over $75 anyway. You can still use the code LUCKYU31511 for 10% off your order, expiry date next Thursday, March 15, 2012.

As an aside, speaking of orders… it’s March 9th, where are my beauty boxes?! 😦 Glymm says that they ship the week of March 10th, and Glossybox says they ship “at the beginning of the month”. I have yet to receive a shipping notification email. I have been impatient since Wednesday, but already put off my pout and rant until today. I want my goodies!

Check out my Canadian beauty box evaluation to learn more if you’re interested! And if you choose to subscribe, please consider doing so via my references as linked above. 🙂


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5 thoughts on “More ALDO boots and coupon codes

  1. OMG, thanks for the tip! I just finished ordering a pair.

  2. We have ALDO in Taiwan. I haven’t bought anything there yet but everything does look really good. Have to investigate a bit more this summer 🙂

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