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LUSH haul, NARS sample, and… I need fashion advice!


I am a LUSH virgin. Ever since I first came across this store way back in grade school, I’ve always had an aversion to it. The intermingling smells were overwhelming, and all the slabs of soap in the windows looked like… food. Or rather, mouldy cake. Learning that everything was freshly handmade with no preservatives made my presumptions worse – if the stuff is made out of food, doesn’t that mean it will mould even faster?

Inspired by angelandthings‘ review on Buffy, I decided to check out the LUSH website for myself. I’ll admit, some of their stuff was intriguing. In particular, the fresh face masks had me lusting to get my hands on them, especially since I have sensitive skin and their products claim to be good for sensitivity, due to their lack of preservatives.

LUSH haul #1:

Top to bottom:

  1. Mask of Magnaminty – small 125 g ($11.95 CAD)
  2. Buffy body butter – small 95 g ($11.95 CAD)
  3. square Body Butter Tin ($3.95 CAD)
  4. Love Lettuce fresh face mask 60 g ($6.95 CAD)
  5. Seanick solid shampoo (sample, $12.95 CAD full-size)

I had gotten the masks to try to draw out impurities without destroying my dry, sensitive skin. We’ll see how that turns out. Buffy is an exfoliating body butter bar that is supposed to help exfoliate but leave a film of moisturizing agents on your skin, reviewed by my friend angelandthings. I’m skeptical, but wanted to try it for myself. And while I was at the counter, the saleslady put the solid shampoo sample in my bag as well (solid shampoo???).

I tried a bit of the masks, but they don’t seem to agree with my skin. I think the saleslady suggested the wrong masks for me to try… I’ll try them again and update, but in the meantime, I went back to LUSH for something less harsh.

LUSH haul #2:

Top to bottom:

  1. Cosmetic Warrior fresh face mask 60 g ($6.95 CAD)
  2. You’ve Been Mangoed bath melt 1 oz ($5.95 CAD)
  3. Celestial moisturizer (sample, $23.95 CAD full-size)

Whereas the first two masks I got had exfoliating bits, Cosmetic Warrior does not, which means I have no need to scrub bits against my skin. The bath melt is a one-time-use moisturizing bar that you melt into the tub of hot water. $5.95 for one use – talk about a luxurious bath! This mango melt smells so delicious, though. I think I’ll probably end up splitting the bar into several pieces – no way am I taking a $6 bath 😛 I didn’t really like the smell of the Celestial moisturizer, but this saleslady said that I definitely needed a good moisturizer after the mask, so she made me a sample.

Sephora Beauty Insiders NARS sample:

This is a decent sized sample of NARS’ Oil-Free Pro-Prime Pore Refining Primer (say that 10 times quickly!) – free for Beauty Insiders, no purchase necessary. That is, if your local Sephora still has any left. Call in to see if they have any more, and then go pick yours up!

Okay, now on to the fashion-related portion. Let me first tell you how fashion-inept I am.

I have had the same wardrobe since… childhood. I kid you not. My mother used to dress me, up until about the 4th or 5th grade. Since then, I have dressed myself in the same thing – a t-shirt, pair of jeans, and a hoodie. I went through a gangster phase in grade school (didn’t everybody?): I wore my dad’s t-shirts – which were huge and baggy on me. I tried to purchase baggy jeans as well, but my mother wouldn’t let me, insisting that “girls are supposed to wear tight jeans”. In highschool, I transitioned to t-shirts that actually fit (daddy says too tightly), and started brand-whoring. I have drawers full of t-shirts from American Eagle, Hollister, and Abercrombie & Fitch (all bought only on sale, I barely had a salary, after all). I loved buying hoodies of all colours, zipped or pull0vers. I only owned flared jeans, ones that still fit from 6th grade (no, I haven’t grown taller since I hit puberty). I only wore running shoes, moving from Nike’s to Puma’s.

(By the way, I also only wore black, white, and navy blue like no tomorrow. My best friend in 7th grade told me I “looked like a bruise”. I’m still mostly in neutral solids.)

Then I moved on to the next stage of my life. Except my wardrobe didn’t move on with me. I remember going out for lunch with my friend one time (whom I’ve been going to school with since grade school), who told me that I still dressed like a 15-year-old. I got a job last summer where I worked in an office where there was a business casual, no-jeans policy. So I finally got the incentive to start re-vamping my wardrobe. Not that I didn’t want to before, I just never had an excuse to. And it’s hard to step so far out of your comfort zone!

My intention of redoing my wardrobe also explains my recent mad shopping ventures on YesStyle.

I’ve been trying bit by bit, but I still find myself grabbing my typical t-shirt, hoodie, and jeans every morning. Except now I have boots and flats to wear along with my trusted running shoes. I now also wear tights because it’s so darn cold in the winter and I can’t fit flared jeans into my boots.

Today, I walked into Dynamite and grabbed a few tops that I thought I’d like. The saleslady asked if I was looking for new tops for Spring. I told her my secret: I’m just here to try new things, since my wardrobe is that of a 15-year-old’s. She smiled in delight for the chance to dress me up and went off to pick out pieces for me to try, hanging them up in my dressing room and exceeding by far the 6-item limit she had initially imposed on me.

Here are some of the outfits I tried on – I got rid of the pieces were definitely a no-go. I was pretty intimidated by the pieces she chose – so much colour, so much print, so… different! I ended up leaving without buying anything, but I think I will go back to make a few purchases. Let me know what you guys think and help me decide!

I chose this top. It’s chiffon-like (I think) and pale pink. The red-on-black top hanging on the bar is also a chiffon tank top, chosen by the saleslady and also out of my comfort zone. I forgot to take a picture, though.

Wow, I have no idea what happened to the lighting in this picture, but I look horrendous. This is supposed to be a black dress. I didn’t bother taking off my jeans and boots – too much trouble. I liked the bottom half of the dress and how it flared out, but I feel like the top part looks too constricting, making my shoulders seem even wider than they already are. I feel like this could be work-appropriate, but realistically… a black dress in the sweltering summer heat? Not sure if it’s a good idea. And I think the dress is too long for me, making my short legs look even shorter. Thoughts?

This one was the scariest. Hot pink. Hot pink! I’m a girl who comes from a world of blacks, whites, and greys. While I love the put-together look of the blazer, I’m unsure of how often I can realistically wear this on a day-to-day basis. I don’t know if I’m brave enough to walk around in public in this. Oh, and the red and black chiffon tank top on the hanger in the background is the one I forgot to take a picture of.

I spent the longest time just staring at the pieces in the mirror, trying to decide if I can pull it off. I know lots of you girls have amazing outfits put together every day, and I am envious.

By the way, tomorrow night, March 8, 2012 from 5 -9 pm, select Dynamite stores will be 20% off, with a limited quantity of gift bags for customers with every purchase of $40 and more. Check out for the list of participating stores in Canada.

The only thing I had on my face was Skin79’s VIP Gold Collection Super+ BB Cream. Review coming soon (I know I keep saying that, but hey, it’s a lot of work trying to pay enough attention to your skin over a long period of time, as I’m sure most of you know)!


Author: pearlessence

She who loves shopping, baking, gaming, and all things Disney! All on a student's meager budget :)

44 thoughts on “LUSH haul, NARS sample, and… I need fashion advice!

  1. I have yet to pop my LUSH cherry – it’s on my list of places to stop in but I always get distracted on the way. I do know, from people that use Lush products, people do tend to cut up the bath melts and it works just as well.

    As for your fashion selections, I like the dress most of all – so long as it doesn’t pass your knees (you can get it tailored if you love it). I would dress it up with fun accessories (very lightweight bright scarf) contrasting or brighter jewelry/belt.
    The Hot Pink blazer is totally out of my comfort zone, but it is a fun piece – but a piece with more limited options. Hope this helps a bit!

    p.s. thanks for liking my post 😀

    • Thanks for the comments! Hope you let me know when you do try some LUSH stuff 🙂

      I think the dress DOES go past my knees, which was also why I felt like it was too long (or that I’m too short for it). And I feel like the blazer is limited, as you say.

      I agreed with your sentiments – pregnant women shouldn’t be classified as “fat”. People can be ridiculous -.-“

  2. Love the dress, but i LOVE the blazer. I know your not into the hot pink- what about a different color? Coral or maybe like a light peach or gray? Lush worries me a little bit, even though i do use their products, because they do have methylparabens in them, and as a very sensitive skinned girl myself i understand that they do irritate the skin and have been linked to cancer- also, SLS-free soap might be a good idea for you if your skin is irritated easily. I see you have a post about the body shop- have you tried their aloe line? They have an exfoliator, but its fairly good on the skin. St. Ives also makes an apricot scrub to gently get rid of the skins impurities. I know, what works for some may not work for others- but good luck !! 🙂

    • I like the blazer too, I just don’t know if I can gather the courage to wear it outside of the dressing room, exposed to the public eye!

      What is SLS? Sodium lauryl sulfate or something? That was a totally wild guess LOL

      The item I had from The Body Shop was a fragrance oil for an oil burner, not a skincare product. I will look into it, thanks!

      • Yes- Sodium Lauryl Sulfate- it’s the ingredient that causes soap to lather. Check out soaps or skincare items that are glycerin- the body shop carries them. Another great company is Doctor Sweet Tooth- not sure where she ships to but she is on Etsy so she might be a good place to try. Also, the all natural face has some great products too for skincare! And i say rock the blazer and forget the public, i’ve seen some of the things that people wear (booty shorts in the middle of the winter! lol!)

      • Thanks for the input! I’m feeling a bit better about the blazer now 🙂 It’s true, there are some pretty silly get-ups, although booty shorts here in a few feet of snow aren’t quite as popular 😛

  3. awesome haul!

  4. I actually love the blazer 🙂 Match it with some of the colors you normally use, like in the photo (the darks) and it will look so cool!
    I’m not very adventurous myself when it comes to fashion, but I love fashion risks on others! Hot pink is cool 🙂

  5. I love Lush. I recently came across a store at the MCO Orlando Airport in January and fell in love with it. Luckily, in the Boston area there is a Lush store and since my first trip there I’ve already been back. Some things are a miss for me but most are a hit, especially the bath bombs and bubble bars! Great post.

  6. I think both the dress and the blazer looks great on you. 🙂

    • Thanks Siaw! They were pieces I definitely wouldn’t have picked out for myself… In fact, I would’ve just walked right by them. Very quickly. Haha!

      • So, have you decided which one to buy or not buying any of them at all?

        Is LUSH products any good? I saw quite a lot of their outlets when I was in UK but never got to buy any of them coz I think the smell is too overwhelming for me. 🙂

      • Yeah, walking into the store is definitely like walking into a wall of strong scents… It bothers my nose lol. I haven’t really had a chance to try them yet because they’re mostly masks, and I shouldn’t be using a mask that many times a week. Will keep you updated! Do they have LUSH where you are? I can’t remember, you’re in Brunei, right?

        I did go shopping today, and I did end up buying them, but the return policy is good for 30 days so we’ll see if I keep them. I’ll update tomorrow 😉

      • Nope. They don’t have it in Brunei. The nearest store is in Singapore, if I am not mistaken. But I did see some outlets in China. But I did not bother to walk into the store and try their products. But LUSH products can be ideal birthday gifts! 🙂

      • I think they’re presentable enough as gifts 🙂 I guess there’s less incentive to try products you know you don’t have access to 😦

      • Yeah … But LUSH is still not that popular among the locals except for those who had been to overseas and they know the brand.

  7. Great post! I love Lush!! I mainly use their hair products like the conditioners and henna. I did need a video tutorial with the henna but I would suggest to keep on experimenting with their products.

  8. I like the dress, and the blazer is awesome, but if you’re trying to build a wardrobe, I would opt for a blazer in a color you can match more with, like white or gray, and then if you want color (since that pop pink looks AMAZING on you) the you can always grab a top or skirt or something in that same color, but at least this way you can get more versatility out of the blazer.

  9. Get all the outfits!!! They look great on you! Especially thank bright pink blazer! So stylish :p

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  11. Love love love cosmetic warrior mask. So great for breakkouts! I’m doing a review soon. I love Lush!! Buffy didn’t do much for me though. Hope you like it.
    And I love the dress and the blazer.
    Thanks for sharing!

  12. I absolutely love Lush products.

  13. pearlessence- you are too cute!
    kudos to you for having had the courage to try out LUSH products… until very recently i wasn’t a fan either, but they won me over, their stuff is great!
    for the fashion part- i havent read through all the comments people posted, but i’d still like to throw in my salt 🙂
    wear what makes you feel good! that’s the most important part! next step, getting slowly over your comfort zone- you don’t have to transform yourself overnight, easy does it 🙂
    try combining leggings into your wardrobe aswell, as an alternative to jeans (but please, always wear a top that covers most of your butt- leggings are not pants 😉 )
    try cute dresses like the one you are wearing in the pic, and don’t shy away from color! colors make your world brighter, trust me, my wardrobe is a kaleidoscope 🙂
    hope to have helped a bit, and thanks for checking out my blog!

    • Wow, thanks for all the tips 🙂 I’ve never really known what the difference is between leggings and tights, or is there a difference at all? I just have thick black fleecy tights with boots for wintertime when my jeans won’t keep me warm enough. They are thick and dark, so no pantyline exposed haha. I still like to wear something longer with them.

      I see lots of girls in nice colours, and they look really nice in them. I’m sure your wardrobe would be a blast to see 🙂 I’ll take it baby step at a time!

  14. Love the HOT [pink blazer outfit the most. I am a girl who loves colour and colours cheer me up. while yeah, i do love blacks and greys colours make people take notice. so… i’d say to go with colours.

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