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ALDO boots on sale


To all the lovely Canadian boots-a-holics out there: here’s a good chance to pick up the nice pair of boots you always thought you might want for less! Offer ends 11:59 pm on Monday, so go online now and browse, quickly!

I order from ALDO online all the time – they arrive quickly within a few days, and always provide a tracking number. Sometimes if their website is not working and you can’t order online (this happens when they have HUGE sales and EVERYONE is on their system at the SAME TIME lol0, you can make orders over the phone as well. You can return unworn shoes in store if they don’t fit or if you don’t like them. Just make sure you have the shipping receipt included with the shoes they send. There are no limits as to how long you have before you can refund them in full – I would say you shouldn’t wait longer than a year, though… They always have great items in their clearance section, too!

Short post today, no time 😦


Author: pearlessence

She who loves shopping, baking, gaming, and all things Disney! All on a student's meager budget :)

2 thoughts on “ALDO boots on sale

  1. Ah! I wish I lived in Canada! Do you know if they have any sale like this going on in the US?

    • Seriously?! I’m always envious that the US has a whole bunch of deals like free shipping and a lot of companies that refuse to ship to Canada! I’m flattered to hear from someone on the other side of the fence, though!

      It seems that they do have this same offer on the US website. Check it out:

      If you get some shoes, show them off! πŸ™‚

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