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Rantings against the ravings of Burt’s Bees lip balms


This stuff.


Oh, how I hate this stuff.

I know how everyone else loves Burt’s Bees lip balms. I had first learned of it back in elementary school, when a friend of mine had the balm in the cute little tin. I wanted one for myself: I liked the packaging and it was natural – it HAD to be good. And I keep hearing everyone ever since then rave about how great it is, how moisturizing, how it’s one of their favourite lip balms.

I have pretty sensitive lips (actually, I have pretty sensitive everything) that get really dry throughout the year, but especially during the winter. When they peel, I often subconsciously lick my lips or chew on them. My mother has been telling me since I was 6 years old that it was the worst thing I could do to chapped lips. But I can’t help it. So my only other option is to moisturize. Lip balms help keep me from wanting to lick my lips because I really don’t want to ingest any sort of lip product any more than I absolutely have to.

I don’t know what it is in this product, but when I bought myself a balm in a tin and applied it to my lips, it burned them like insanity. Like the feeling of ripping tape off your skin – except on your lips, and never-ending. I thought it was supposed to be like that. So I left it on for a while, figuring the burning sensation would disappear after a while, but it didn’t. After a minute or so, I couldn’t stand it and ran to the bathroom to rinse it off with cold water. And that wasn’t easy, because this stuff is really waxy.

A couple of weeks later, I tried it again because I thought I just had a bad day with it. Same deal. A few months later? No change. I told myself that I must have gotten a dud and just threw it out. A few days ago, I saw that my sister had gotten the tube version of Burt’s Bees. So I tried it again. I still had to wash it right off and the burning stays long after I’ve rubbed my lips with cold water.

Maybe it’s the peppermint oil in the balm. How is mint supposed to be good for dry, chapped skin?

I hate this stuff. It’s too sticky, too thick, too waxy, and it smells funny. And it burns. 😦

Don’t let me deter you too much from buying it though, I know plenty of Burt’s Bees lovers who would rage at my rant of their raves. Maybe I’m just allergic to it.

But if you have sensitive skin like me and you’re looking for a good lip balm, try this instead:

I discovered this Lemon Lip Balm at Bath & Body Works last year. It is soft, creamy, and tastes like lemon. It doesn’t burn my lips and is very moisturizing besides. I think they also come in the flavours scents blueberry-lemon and raspberry-lemon, at least in store last year. I have misplaced mine, but I would definitely repurchase this when I run out of my current lip balm.

Oh, and the best thing is that if you do react to it, you can take it back to Bath & Body Works with the receipt for a full refund. And that’s the way it should be.

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20 thoughts on “Rantings against the ravings of Burt’s Bees lip balms

  1. OMG! Im so glad someone else besides me thinks this product sucks! My sister loves the stuff so when I needed a recommendation I asked her and she RAVED about Burts Bee’s. It was a waste of money. I really like the one u suggested, its tastes yummy 🙂 I just stick to Nivea or the Rose Sale from Bath & Body.

  2. Omg! I have never tried their balm before. I tried Burts skin care, and had a similar reaction to what you had with the balm Yikes! I now use They are the best, but I will try the lemon lip balm I love my Lemons!

    • I shy away from even trying Burt’s Bees skincare because of my experiences with the balm. Did the skincare burn your face?! That would be so painful!

      I have never heard of Earthly Body nor seen them in stores – where do you get yours, online?

  3. Yes Burts Skincare made my skin extremely dry with a burning sensation. I get mine from Salon centric, but I’m sure you can find them online.

  4. I’ve tried Burt’s Bees lip balms (in tube), and I’m not the biggest fan either! I don’t react to them, but I don’t find them very moisturizing or long-lasting. It’s OK for the price, but all in all a pretty meh product in my humble opinion.

  5. Me too! Burts Bee’s lip balm is overrated or they don’t work for me at all. What I did with my left over lip balm is to wax my zippers when they’re stuck.

  6. I absolutely love Burt’s Bees, and I swear by it. The reason that it may have burned so bad is possibly because your lips are do damaged and so chapped. As a regular user, when I apply it, it does tingle, but it’s a relieving tingle, not a painful one. It never burns however. I only use the original formula in the tube, and I have found that I don’t like other formulas fr Burt’s Bees.
    I do like the entire CO Bigelow line though. Good stuff. But most of their products have mint in them, even the “lemon” one has it in it. So I don’t think that your problem was the peppermint oil, but who knows.

    • The formula probably just didn’t work out for me. I probably won’t ever find out what it is that makes it sting, but I have found lip balms that don’t sting regardless of how chapped my lips are, yet are super creamy and moisturizing. Good that it works for you, especially since it’s made out of natural products, too!

      • Yes, and it’s great that you found creamy, moisturizing balms that help you! We all need those! Especially in harsh winter environments. =)

  7. I guess either you love it or hate it. I hate it because I feel it dries my lips and I’m not a fan of lip plumpers or products that sting the lips but my mom LOVES it! She likes the cooling effect. Go figure!

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  11. It burns my lips too, my girlfriend uses it and when we kissed it would burn me, I came here trying to find out what ingredient it was.
    This is the lip balm i love

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