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I need a Japanese cookie recipe translator, please!


Recently, my friend Tai had been working in Hong Kong for 8 months. He picked up a gift for me because he knew I had a cat, and this had caught his eye:

Kitty-shaped cookie cutters! They are super cute and I couldn’t stop fawning over them throughout the two hours after he’d given them to me.

Actually, I’m still periodically picking them up and smiling over how cute they are. I can’t wait to try using them, but from past experience, cookie cutters are kind of hard to deal with. At least for me. It’s really hard for me to keep the dough in shape while I extricate it from the cookie cutter. Maybe I’m using the wrong cookie recipes. Making shortbread candy canes and Christmas trees with my sister was certainly a task. Or maybe we’re just not very good at it and need more practice. Hmm…

If there are any bloggers out there fluent in Japanese, it would be wonderful if you could translate this recipe on the back of the box. Maybe it will be easier to make with the cookie cutters!

That makes me think… I wonder if there are any kitty treat recipes I could make for Miko? Kitty cat cookies for my favourite kitty cat =^__^=

“Teehee, I’m going to get kitty treats and you’re not!”


Author: pearlessence

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11 thoughts on “I need a Japanese cookie recipe translator, please!

  1. Well here’s what the ingredient list says… I will deal with the steps later LOL too big a project at this time of the day :p

    – 160g cake flour
    – 100g butter (salt free) at room temperature
    – 70g brown sugar
    – 1 egg yolk
    – “suitable amount” of vanilla oil
    – a pinch of salt
    – “suitable amount” of bread flour

    • You are amazing! But LOL at “suitable amount” – how would I know how much that is?! I’ve also never heard of vanilla oil, do you think they mean vanilla extract? Hmmmmm……

  2. very nice job, love this..

    1. Sieve flour into a bowl. (If you’re going to make a cocoa/green tea batter, sift the cocoa+flour or green tea+flour together first.)
    2. In a separate bowl, put in the butter & whisk until it becomes a cream-like shape/texture then fold in granular sugar gradually to mixture.
    3. In 2, add egg & vanilla oil then mix until it becomes oil-like.
    4. In 3, add in 1 and salt then with a plastic spatula, mix in a cutting-like way until powdery form is compact & bunched up.
    5. Cover 4 with plastic wrap & chill for appx. 30 min in refrigerator.
    6. After taking it out of the refrigerator, unwrap the plastic wrap & lightly knead the mixture with your hands with a little bit of flour (assuming so the mixture won’t stick on surface), knead the mixture out & spread out until it is about 4mm thick.
    7. Cut with cookie cutter then place on oven paper lined tray. (If it becomes too soft, and too hard to cut, wrap it again & leave it in the refrigerator to chill for about 15 & it will become easier to cut through again.)
    8. Bake in oven for 10~15 min in 170 deg. Celsius. (The thinner parts will be the first to turn (brownish) color, because of that– check during the bake time & adjust bake time if necessary).
    10. Once its baked, place on cake cooler to cool.

    Also, your kitty is so cute!! LOL ❤

    • Wow, thanks! That’s pretty amazing lol 🙂 Any idea what vanilla oil is, by the way?

      Thank you, Miko gets compliments all the time, that little princess >__> Mikan is super cute too, especially with the glasses haha

  4. oops for #7– on the little note, “if it becomes too soft, and difficult* to cut, wrap it up again & leave in the refrigerator to chill for about 15 MIN* & it will become easier to cut through again.”

    I didn’t realize I forgot to write min & with “too hard” I meant “difficult” to cut. Hope it helps & good luck!

  5. Hey, thanks for following my blog! I love yours too, and Miko is SOOOOO cute! I used to have one just like that, but sadly she passed away several months ago. I’m so insanely jealous of your cookie cutters!!! Must try to find something like that, though I bake more cakes than cookies 🙂

    • Thanks! Miko always gets people telling her she’s cute >__> I’m sorry about your kitty 😦 I’m not even sure exactly where my friend got them – I think he saw them purely by chance, too.

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