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More Valentine surprises: Best Buy delivers! (plus more drawings)


For those of you who are not technologically-savvy, or at least not a dedicated gamer, today was the release date for the PlayStation Vita First Edition Bundle. The Vita is the newest handheld portable PlayStation device and features a large touchscreen as well as a touch-sensitive backing for more gaming features. The PS Vita on its own is not released until February 22nd, so those who want the bundle will have their hands on the gadget a week early.

I had pre-ordered the Vita from Best Buy for Dark as a Valentine’s Day present. I had it timed perfectly – if the release date were the 15th, and it took about 6-12 business days to ship, then he would get it in a week or two, well past his busy exam schedule.When Dark had pre-ordered the new Zelda game, Skyward Sword, he had been frustrated when he still hadn’t received it almost a week after the release date. He ranted and raged about how he should’ve just bought it in store. In the end, he cancelled the online pre-order and went to purchase the game in person. Little did I know that Best Buy would be so on-the-ball. I received a shipping notification email yesterday, but surprisingly, the Vita arrived today – right on the release date!

Included in the PS Vita First Edition Bundle are: 

  1. PS Vita
  2. hard leather case
  3. game: Little Deviants
  4. 4 GB mini SD card
  5. charger, and other essentials

I don’t usually rave about technology. I do love gaming, I’m just not that good at it because I’ve never been able to find the time to play games enough to hone my motor skills. I also use a laptop that’s got to be about a decade old, if not more. I am almost completely computer-illiterate when it comes to anything beyond the merest essentials. I just wanted to share the pleasant surprise that Best Buy made sure the Vita arrived on the release date. After all, it would make sense to, otherwise why bother to pre-order?

As an aside, cookiemama‘s Valentine’s Day post made me remember how I had loved making Valenitnes when I was in grade school. I also loved making pop-up cards, and would have them littering the carpet around me as I made each pop-up character talk. So I thought, why not make a pop-up Valentine for Dark? Even with purchased gifts, I like that little added personal touch.

Dark says that while we are shopping, his face really resembles this =__=” more than ever being troubled by my purchases. Which I suppose is true, I never have enough money to buy so much that he’d have a hard time carrying it. I think it’s more that I am the only one he is willing to accompany to the mall, since he hates shopping!

What made drawing this so enjoyable was partly because of the set of coloured Staedtler triplus fineliners that Dark had bought to use for one of his classes. I have always loved these finely pointed felt-tipped pens but I have never been able to justify buying a pack because I didn’t think I’d really use it often enough to justify it. And I have the tendency to save things I really like and not use them because I don’t want to waste them. But Dark says that I can have the set of pens after he has finished with the class – he has no other use for them anyway, and he’d figured that I’d like them. Good guess!

I think Staedtler is one of the best brands for any stationary you need. I got so fed up with my Staples brand eraser – the eraser shavings just came off in too many pieces and the eraser wasn’t “rubbery” enough to erase well. I went out before my exams and bought a pack of white Staedtler erasers (best erasers ever – never going to change my mind about that, ever again). I also used Staedtler pencils for the many years I spent sketching, and when I needed a sharpener that wouldn’t keep breaking the lead, I turned to Staedtler again. Staedtler makes good stationary that lasts and just feels right in your hands.


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2 thoughts on “More Valentine surprises: Best Buy delivers! (plus more drawings)

  1. Great blog, Followed you!
    Hey you’re good at drawing! Seriously

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