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Wish-worthy: MUFE’s Wild & Chic Collector Case

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I have been wanting this Make Up For Ever set for a couple months!

The set includes (back to front, left to right):

  1. faux snakeskin case
  2. travel Mist & Fix (0.84 oz)
  3. HD Microperfecting Primer (1.01 oz)
  4. lip line perfector (0.04 oz)
  5. 2 x Aqua Lip: Red 8C; Light Rosewood 14C (0.04 oz ea)
  6. 2 x Aqua Eyes: Blue with Green Highlights 12L; Mat Black 0L (0.04 oz ea)
  7. 2 x Aqua Liner: 8 Iridescent Electric Purple; 13 Mat Black (0.058 oz ea)
  8. 2 x Faux Lash: 156 Genevieve, 113 Betsy
  9. 2 x Smoky Lash: Black, Plum (0.23 oz ea)
  10. Brow Seal (0.20 oz)
  11. HD kabuki brush
  12. HD Elixir (0.40 oz)
  13. travel Sens’Eyes (0.84 oz)
  14. Uplight in 23 (0.55 oz)
  15. 2 x Aqua Cream: 1 Anthracite; 13 Warm Beige (0.21 oz ea)
  16. Star Powder White/Orange 940 (0.09 oz)
  17. Metal Powder Honey Gold 3 (0.09 oz)
  18. 2 x Diamond Shadow: Diamond Burgundy 311; Diamond Beige 306 (0.09 oz ea)
  19. 2 x Rouge Artist: 43 Moulin Rouge; 34 satin light raspberry (0.12 oz ea)
  20. 2 x Lab Shine: Diamond Collection D16; Metal Collection M10 (0.09 oz)
  21. HD Microfinish Powder (0.35 oz)
  22. double pencil sharpener

There are so many full-sized products in this kit – it’s a good value for MUFE lovers (who I’m sure already own it and don’t need me to rant about its amazing-ness!). Available only online through, the kit comes at a whopping $385.00 CAD, which I can’t justify or afford right now 😦 Hopefully it’ll still be around until I secure a summer job and get my first paycheque! Or possibly a few paycheques…!

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One thought on “Wish-worthy: MUFE’s Wild & Chic Collector Case

  1. I want! But I cannot justify spending all that money on make up haha. Maybe when I win the lottery one day!

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