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Yesterday’s yummies


Dark came for a visit this weekend and we cooked up a storm!

We were supposed to make a broccoli cheddar soup. Except I didn’t have cheddar, only mozzarella. And I didn’t realize that the bag of frozen broccoli in the freezer was so lacking. So we improvised and increased the amount of onions and substituted mozzarella.

It was yummy, but I liked the cauliflower cheese soup we made last year better. Although, that could just be because we didn’t use the right ingredients. I liked it better when I reheated it today with added milk and cream – I think that it was too watery yesterday because I used skim milk.

Dark made chicken thighs seasoned with rosemary and thyme – I love it when he makes chicken like this! Somehow he gets it so that the chicken is nice and juicy but the skin is crispy. I improvised an Alfredo sauce recipe, since I didn’t have the right ingredients again and I really didn’t need 2 cups worth of sauce as the recipe called for!

And last but most definitely not least – dessert! I bought these trays from Dollarama. I get a lot of my baking things from there – who needs to pay $15 for measuring cups? I’m glad I did though, I had been baking my brownies in a casserole dish and that doubled the baking time because it took so long to heat up =__=”

I liked the brownies in the thinner pan better – I found that they were less moist and besides, they baked faster 😛 I also tend to like the edge pieces though, so that could explain my preference. I have been making these marbled brownies since the 7th grade. I’ve never tried other brownies, but I like these so much I’ve never felt compelled to! Dark loves my marbled brownies too, I sent almost all of them home with him to enjoy 🙂


Author: pearlessence

She who loves shopping, baking, gaming, and all things Disney! All on a student's meager budget :)

4 thoughts on “Yesterday’s yummies

  1. They looked delicious! 🙂

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