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Shiseido Aqualabel Deep Clear Oil Cleansing (Whitening) Review

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This was the first thing I opened when I received my first YesStyle purchase (site review here), and have been dying to review it ever since. I find the packaging simple and sleek, and its description certainly seemed promising.

The product description says :

A light, cleansing oil designed to deep cleanse skin, removing all traces of dirt, sebum and makeup without stinging eyes or irritating skin. Added moisturizers help skin remain optimally hydrated, improving skin elasticity without causing an uncomfortable tight feeling. White Plus formula then softens the outer layer, allowing blackheads and keratin to be lifted and washed away to reveal the fresh and bright skin underneath. By Shiseido.

This is the first cleansing oil I’ve ever used. With dry hands I place one pump of product into the palm of my hand and rub my hands together to spread it evenly. I use my palms to gently cleanse my face in circular motions and my fingers to get rid of eye makeup in downward motions from eyebrows to lashes. To make sure I get the eyeliner close to my lashline, I use the tips of my ring fingers to sweep from the inner to the outer eye. I then wet my hands with warm water and lather the product on my face before rinsing it all off, making sure to get the eye area. I kept the little white clip that goes around the neck of the pump – makes it safe to toss into my travel bag 🙂

What I enjoy most about this cleansing oil is that it does not leave my skin feeling dry or irritated. In fact, my face feels smooth and fresh after use. I have fairly dry and sensitive skin and I can use this oil without needing to apply excessive pressure or to cleanse for overly long. It can remove all of my waterproof eye makeup as well, providing I take care to use my ring fingers to spread the oil over my lashline. My eyes are also very sensitive, but I find no stinging or irritation while using this cleansing oil.

I don’t use this as a daily cleanser, only when I have makeup on my face (i.e. BB cream, powder, foundation, etc.) as well as my eyes. Otherwise, I would just use an eye makeup remover. I also don’t wear makeup all that often. Because I don’t use this product daily, I can’t vouch for its ability to lift blackheads and whiten the skin, which I assume would be more noticeable with frequent use. However, I fully support the ability of this cleansing oil to remove makeup and cleanse my oily T-zone area without drying my skin or irritating my eyes.

All in all, definitely recommended!

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