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Should get it before you regret it…

So I’ve had my eye on these sexy leather boots from Aldo since October:

I couldn’t justify dishing out $170 for just one pair of shoes, especially since I was short on funds at the time. And plus, I managed to snag another pair of black leather boots (more casual looking) for around $60. So I kept a tab open of the website for these boots and camped the price.

Every other colour of the boots went on sale except the black. Finally, a few days ago, these went on sale for $105. But only size 11 is left…

I am regretting not getting them 😦

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Shiseido Aqualabel Deep Clear Oil Cleansing (Whitening) Review

This was the first thing I opened when I received my first YesStyle purchase (site review here), and have been dying to review it ever since. I find the packaging simple and sleek, and its description certainly seemed promising.

The product description says :

A light, cleansing oil designed to deep cleanse skin, removing all traces of dirt, sebum and makeup without stinging eyes or irritating skin. Added moisturizers help skin remain optimally hydrated, improving skin elasticity without causing an uncomfortable tight feeling. White Plus formula then softens the outer layer, allowing blackheads and keratin to be lifted and washed away to reveal the fresh and bright skin underneath. By Shiseido.

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