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I first found out about YesStyle when I was browsing the internet for BB creams  a month ago. One of the searches popped YesStyle’s inventory up. Apparently YesStyle is a pretty popular website for ordering things online, especially from Asia. Their product list includes everything from clothes and shoes to makeup and skincare, complete with accessories and sections for men as well. The brands are sourced from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, and Korea, to name a few.

So why are there no reviews on its credibility?!

I was looking for reviews on YesStyle and whether or not it was reputable enough to trust, as I am always hesitant about making purchases online. To my surprise, despite its apparent popularity, there were no reviews generated by the search engine! I had to resort to searching up “” on YouTube, which generated videos of people showing off their hauls. So I supposed that lent credibility to the website.

So I set my jaw and placed an order on Friday, October 7th. All the items in my basket were labeled as ready for shipping in 1-2 days. Lo and behold, the order was shipped out on October 11th, the Tuesday after a long weekend. I was surprised that I received my order just over a week later on Thursday, October 20th.

I was super ecstatic about my order! Everything I ordered arrived as expected, with the clothing items accurately represented as on the website. The measurements given matched pretty closely to the actual clothes. The BB creams I purchased were also fully packaged and unopened. I am a fully satisfied customer, already set on making a second order, and planning my third order for the New Year!

Many of the beauty products, especially, are going to be risky purchases because these Asian products are so obscurely known in North America that there are hardly any reviews on them, at least in English. So unless you are fluent in either Korean or Chinese, you will probably find it difficult to locate reviews on these products. I would also recommend comparing prices for some of the products that are available in North America as well. For instance, YesStyle has high list prices for drugstore brands that we have here, but is a great source for higher-end brands, such as those you would find in Sephora. Being the low-budget girl I am, I always make sure I compare prices in order to get items at the best prices possible!

YesStyle offers free standard shipping for purchases over $70 US/CDN (limited time offer) and free express shipping for purchases over $150 US/CDN, depending on where you are ordering from. I think the best thing about YesStyle is that because you are making an international order, they do not have inflated costs for Canadians like so many franchises do ($48 USD for Urban Decay’s Naked Palette, $58 CDN 😦 which is not consistent with currency rates, even if you order online from the US). To be honest though, I don’t think it is difficult at all to go over the express shipping amount!

Be sure to check the return/exchange policy – I believe it is 14 days for most products, customer pays return postage unless the item sent was defective. I would highly suggest emailing them to let them know if that is the case.

Canadian shoppers:

US shoppers:

Happy shopping!

Disclaimer: I purchased these products myself  and this review is based on personal experiences and my honest opinion, for informational purposes only. Please be aware that I am not recruited or sponsored by YesStyle for advertising purposes. (Image source:

If there is any interest for haul pictures, let me know and I can post them 🙂 As an overview, I bought a long-sleeved shirt, a sleeveless cardigan (of sorts), Skin79 and Missha BB Creams, a Shiseido cleansing oil, and a Baviphat lip tint. Reviews to follow!


Author: pearlessence

She who loves shopping, baking, gaming, and all things Disney! All on a student's meager budget :)

20 thoughts on “ Review

  1. i thought im the only person looking for reviews for! haha. this will be my very first online shopping experience so im kinda hesitant on doing so. well, thanks for you help i will definitely place an order now. 🙂

    • I just placed my fifth order a couple days ago 🙂 Just be sure to use a tape measure to see if their one-size clothing will fit you, they have measurements for each item. Happy shopping!

      • where you taxed when the shipment arrived? i’ve read online about the outrageous duties.

      • Officially, all incoming international parcels worth over $20 CAD are supposed to be taxed with duties. The amount of duty depends on the type of item: a few years ago, cosmetics and skincare get taxed for about 6.5% and clothing gets taxed 18%. From my experience, they don’t bother too much with lower cost items less than $50 CAD because the amount collected isn’t worth the trouble. I have had to pay duty for about half of my parcels that are large purchases over $100 CAD. I think it really depends on whether they have the manpower to screen every item coming in.

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  6. I have just made my first order for this site recently and am a bit afraid because I too have found it hard to find reviews about this site. Reading this has made me feel a bit more relieved. My question though is, did you have to pay custom tax or any other fees when you received your order?

    • I always meant to follow up on this YesStyle review, but I still haven’t gotten around to it! I’m not sure where you’re from, but I’m in Canada. So what it comes down to is that customs is “supposed to be charged on every item that crosses the Canadian border”. This doesn’t happen, of course, as it’s a pretty enormous task. It will all be based on luck, whether or not you get charged. I have been been charged for half my orders, and not the other half – the same applies to any international package. Customs costs will depend on your country and what products you are importing.

  7. Im from Canada as well and its just shirts and a bag that i’ve ordered. This is my first time ordering anything from online so I really don’t know much about what to expect lol ^^;
    But thank you for replying! It does help me a bit to be prepared ^_^

    • I’ve ordered about 5-6 times from YesStyle, and there’s never been any problems with missing items or lost packages. From what I hear though, they’re really good with anything like defective products and will reimburse the return shipping and send you a new one.

      I’m not sure what the duty is for bags, but clothing is a whopping 18% and cosmetics (makeup and skincare) are 6-6.5% of the value of the items. Just a heads-up in case you do end up getting charged!

      Don’t let that turn you off too much though – like I said, it’s really a hit and miss with customs. The length of time they hold your item for inspection has no bearing on whether or not you get charged, either.

      Online shopping is super fun and I love getting things in the mail 🙂 Good luck!

      • Hi,

        I want to order from as well but I’m getting discouraged from mix reviews specially with custom taxes. On times you get taxed, how much does it usually cost for you? I’d appreciate your help!

      • Technically, every single item that is imported into Canada is subject to customs and duty taxes if its value is over $20 CAD, regardless of who or where it comes from. So international orders are always taxed, not just YesStyle orders. Granted, it’s impossible to scan every item, so some may get through without being taxed.

        It’s really a hit-or-miss, there are no guarantees. So far, I’ve had about half my parcels taxed. Clothing is taxed (a steep) 18%, while cosmetics (makeup and skincare) is taxed around 6.5%. Even if it’s a mixed parcel with both, your total will be taxed 18%, so I suggest ordering your cosmetics and clothing separately.

        You will have to be prepared to pay customs when you shop online. I usually make large orders to meet the free shipping amount, so I feel like it’s worth it to pay customs when they ask me to. If you make small purchases, you likely won’t have to worry about customs anyway, as there’s probably little point to taxing a $21 parcel. The hefty shipping fees will be more than enough to make up for the lack of taxing anyway.

        Feel free to ask if you have any more questions!

  8. Hi there ! Thanks for making a review about, this was the only one i could find 😛 I placed an order today for 2 items (a cardigan and a shirt), and one of the item says it will usually ship within 7-14 days. So i was wondering how long you think it would take for it to ship to Canada ? Does it really take 2 weeks just to ship ? And since only one item needs to be shipped to their warehouse, will it be sooner than 2 weeks ? Thanks (:

    • Hi Mandy,

      I know I’m sorry terribly late getting back to you and you’ve probably gotten your items already, but I wanted to reply just to have the answer for anyone else who needs it.

      Items may take 7-14 days for them to ship out because they do not immediate have it in stock and need to acquire it, perhaps from a warehouse, perhaps from their suppliers. So it will take a bit longer to ship. Fortunately, it seems that they do work om weekends, but don’t quote me on that! I have just gotten emails from them before on weekends, confirming my order and such.

      Unfortunately, they will send out both items in the same shipment, especially since it is a small order. So your total shipping time is always dependent on the item in your basket with the longest wait time.

      Some delays after shipping is usually due to customs at our border, though.

      My most recent order contained a few shoulder bags and purses, which they seem to be sending separately. I presume its due to the sheer size of the package if they were to include everything.

      Thanks for reading, and hope that you’re pleased with your items!

  9. Can you posts some pictures of the bags? I am trying to decide if I will go ahead and purchase bags there.

    • Sure thing! I have only received 2 out of 4 though. I’ll give the other package a few more days to arrive. Either way, I’ll have pictures up by the weekend at the latest, please check back! 🙂

  10. are their asian skincare products genuine? they are ridiculously cheap over there and it worries me a little. 😦

    • YesStyle is actually one of the more expensive online retailers. Everything I have received from YesStyle has been genuine as far as I can tell. The best safeguard is to read reviews of online retailers and see how often they are mentioned by others.

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